Awesome video on why you should buy investment property now!

I came across this video today and it has some great info! Basically talks about inflation and how you need to look at Debt - The yin/yang aspect of everything also applies to Debt - there is Good Debt, and Bad Debt - the expertise comes on when to utilize each one to profit from it!!

She also has great links that I copied here! I would suggest watching and prescribing to her channel! She is a young investor and you can tell she loves what she is doing!  Enjoy

In today's episode we’ll cover Buy a house NOW and DON'T pay for it, do this instead! It is always a good time to invest in real estate as long as the numbers make sense!In this video, we’ll talk about the current conditions of the economy and real estate investments in the United States, helping you understand what inflation does to your money and how you can leverage real estate to protect your hard earned money against inflation. We’ll do a study of the changes in rental costs and housing prices over the years (from 1970 to the present day) to understand what’s happening today at the micro and macroeconomic level, and thus, helping you understand why debt is the best option to beat inflation.The tips that I’ll share in this video will not only help you today, but they are also concepts that you can adopt in the future to anticipate market changes in real estate and general investments.Happy learning!🔗 LINKS MENTIONED IN THE VIDEO- JP Morgan Salary 👉 Fox News Vs CNBC 👉 Supermarkets Are Stockpiling 👉 Existing Home Sales 👉 Housing Shortage 👉 Single Family Rental Market 👉 ¿Sell Or Buy A Home? 👉 National Rental Data 👉 - Home Values - State Housing Statistics 👉 Foreclosures 👉 30-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgages👉 Residential Vacancies And Homeownership 👉🎥 VIDEOS COMPLEMENTING THIS ONE- Expensive Houses: How Do You Know If A Property Is A Good Investment? 👉 - The Best Areas To Invest in Real Estate During A Crisis (Recession Proof) 👉 - How To Find & Buy Cheap Houses From The Comfort Of Your Home? 👉▶️ PLAYLIST COMPLEMENTING THIS ONE- Investing During The Crisis 👉 Going From 0 to 24 Properties Playlist 👉🏡 FREE REAL ESTATE WEBINAR- Learn how to invest in real estate without savings and still have enough to expand your portfolio, click here for a FREE training 👉🤝 HAVE A SPANISH SPEAKING SPOUSE OR BUSINESS PARTNER?- Here is Novarise Latino 👉🧐 HAVE QUESTIONS?- Visit our website 👉 Important tools 👉⏰ TIMESTAMPS0:00 BUY a house NOW and DON'T pay for it, do this instead!3:00 What is inflation and what causes it?12:02 How to manage debt in your investments?14:40 How to invest with other people's money?15:30 Is money the same as wealth?17:40 How to use inflation to your advantage?18:30 Nominal money vs real money21:30 The real estate market in the United States22:25 Is it a good time to buy a house in the USA?27:50 The price of housing rentals30:27 Should you wait to buy a house?31:35 How to get money to buy a house?32:49 Is pandemic pricing officially over?34:07 How to invest in real estate the right way?37:16 Historical analysis of The United States real estate market43:00 How to analyze the real estate market?44:55 Home value vs rent value47:12 Will houses go down in price?48:00 How to get profits from a property?49:25 Real estate crisis in 2008 vs 202153:42 Analysis of interest rates and residential vacancies56:08 What to do with your debts in times of crisis?📄 DISCLAIMER***DISCLAIMER: THIS VIDEO IS FOR INFORMATIONAL AND ILLUSTRATIONAL PURPOSES BASED ON THE INDIVIDUAL EXPERIENCES OF THE PRESENTER. EVERY SITUATION IS DIFFERENT AND YOUR RESULTS MAY DIFFER. YOU SHOULD ANALYZE THE RISKS ACCORDINGLY BEFORE PROCEEDING TO TAKE ACTION***#NovariseInvest #BuyAHouse #RealEstate

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