Behind The Scenes Of a $24,000 a Month Coffee Shop Business

My sister and brother have thought about starting a coffee shop and being from Buffalo, we have seen the Tim Horton's lines around blocks! Now we all live in different places but I found this video so informative and awesome! Great detail and it was awesome of the owner to share all her secrets and numbers! 

Here in delaware there is a small outlot like this one off of route 1 called MuddSlingers which is a great example. It is interesting to find out about LAND lease + the building + Mechanics needed and overhead etc. 

Great Video !! 

Here is the write up for the video

Starting a coffee shop is a dream for many, but opening a café can be a big investment. A drive-thru coffee shop business is an excellent alternative, with lower start-up costs and huge profit potential for entrepreneurs passionate about owning a coffee shop. Today we’re talking to Sandy Edin, owner of the Shots 2 Go coffee shop. The stand was struggling when she bought it in 2010. She used her experience as a barista and café manager to transform Shots 2 Go into a successful coffee business, and in this interview she’ll share the strategies she used to do it. Opening a coffee shop from scratch can be intimidating, even if you have lots of industry experience. Buying one that was already up and running saved Sandy a lot of that work and let her get to making money faster.We’ll hear straight from Sandy why she decided to buy her coffee stand, along with her advice on how to open a coffee shop like what equipment is a must-have and how much money you’ll need up front to get started. Bringing in customers is critical for the success of any new business. We’ll find out what marketing strategies Sandy used to get Shots 2 Go on customers’ radar, particularly during slow times, to keep her business competitive. Anyone who’s thinking about starting a coffee shop business will gain some valuable insights from watching this video! If you want to know more about Shots to Go you can check out their

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Timestamps:0:00 Intro1:24 Meeting The Owner Sandy2:35 Equipment Tour4:02 Bagels, Sandwiches and Food5:23 Grocery and Supply Shopping6:54 Trailer and Truck Fleet8:34 Business Purchase Price9:02 Buying A Struggling Business10:03 Revenue12:07 Equipment and Product Reviews13:15 How To Start Your Own Coffee Shop14:19 Profit Margins15:40 Blitz17:34 Marketing18:39 Best Month Ever20:02 UpSelling21:11 Managing Money22:21 Outro

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