BioInitiative Report


Biointiative Report

If you are interested in more detail about EMF which offers a collective work put together by a group of international authors (including 22 PhDs) about the research and studies available on EMF radiation and its impact on health - then check out this FREE - 1,600 page report filled with insights. This report also gets updated so you can download the latest version with the latest research and findings! 

It show health effects at exposures lower than what most governments deem safe! You can research through the document for specific words like school, kids by clicking Control+F or Command+F on your PDF viewer and type in whatever in the topic you are researching 

BioInitiative Report Optioins

Step 2 - Decide how you would like to research your information.You have 3 options:
1- You can Search online
2- You can Download the report and search the PDF ( by clicking Control+F or Command+F on your PDF viewer and type in whatever in the topic you are researching ) or
3- Read Online

This is a great report to investigate and come back to for updates. You can read all about the different research, findings, opinions for varios ailments. If you have specific issues like High Blood Pressure, Search for Blood Pressure... page 108, 533, 574, 644, 663, 686 all talk about BP. ( Pages may change as versions are updated. 

EMF Health Issues Report Table

This is a very informative place to start and maybe even contribute. As more and more of us are taking steps to educate each other, help each other - these kids of Group and Collaborative Efforts will and are growing.  As more and more people notice their sensitivity or choice to live in reduced EMF locations, environment and homes - there will be a new market beng created. For some, it will be too late- but if you are here, I pray that you will take even baby steps to limit your EMF exposure starting now. 

Becoming Aware is the First Step!
Educate yourself and see if it is and how it may be impacting you personally and your family and friends. You will find lots of information on my site as I journey through this topic to become an #EMFRedemiationPro and #ParentsAgainstCellTowersAtSchools  member of #LocalEMF and more! 

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