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When it comes to healthy living, I like to listen to both sides of the Yin/Yang.  I also like to consider the "belief" criteria we all have - who do we choose to believe when it comes to our health. For a lot of people, Doctors (whether MD or PhD) seem to have a high-level of respect. I wanted to outline an example (and my opinion) on some amazing and disappointing statements made by "credible" sources who talk about things they clearly do not have experience with. I wanted to show these so you can make your own judgement and decide what "criteria" you consider to be credible. We often start to believe things we didn't believe in once we experience them for ourselves.

Videos to Consider

When I look at the videos like the 2 below, I ask myself - what is the overall INTENTION of the person who is talking? What is the purpose? Then the material.  When you have people who have no idea what they are talking about or deliver the info in a wrong way because they have copied it from a website - it is disheartening. But like the Yin/Yang, we will have to look at both sides and understand the points. Below and in my website you will find lots of research that shows the fact that any type of radiation will and does impact our bodies. Take a look at the two videos below and let me know what you think!

Here are a few time stamps from the video above to consider:
@0:18 mins - Dr, Best Selling Author, PhD in Medical Biophysics!
@ 5:50 - "the research pretty much UNIFORMLY says that they are PERFECTLY safe!" referring to wifi radiation from various sources and appliances
@ 6:15 - "Many Studies show DECREASED risk of cancer with EMF Exposure"  -  doesn't distinguish what type of EMF. 

This video completely discredits people who are battling with EHS & more.

Discover What You Believe

Overall - look at the intention and purpose of these videos. You will find lots of people out there that have the "credential". At a minimum, ask yourself the question - is being exposed to radiation (no matter what type it is) good for us? Find people who are looking to make this world a better place, people who are focused on health and awareness, and see what "feels" right to you and make it your discovery. 

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