December 2020 Eclipse & Solstice

As we get ready for the December Eclipse and Winter Solstice then the beginning of the new year, you can leverage these energies. 

Remember that step 1 = Acknowledgement !

You need to pay attention to these energies to be able to tap into what the universe is sending our way. Make your OWN Truth. Don't listen to others or give them control over your emotions - You can listen yourself, you can feel for yourself, you can do it by paying attention to these powers! Don't let your emotions be controlled by others. Learn to think and elevate to a 5th dimensional thinking. There is a reason why you are here and reading these words. You are on a path to discover your own powers! 

"December 2020 is a month during which we are invited to release what stands in the way of our freedom: the cosmic transits are encouraging us to embrace and explore our uniqueness and our individuality. De-conditioning and liberation are Aquarius keywords and will be the main themes of the entire 2021. Throughout the upcoming month, our work is to let go of any residual fear of other people’s judgment, any sense of shame about our authentic nature, and any guilt linked to not fulfilling others’ expectations.
The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius inaugurates a period of spontaneous action and instinctual self-discovery, in which we are called to be in alignment with our Higher Self. Don’t be afraid to be different, and stay open to life unfolding in ways you never thought were possible. Believe in yourself and in your vision, and trust that the path that is spontaneously opening will take you where you need to be."

So if you are curious about this month's ecipse and what it look like .. here is it . The new moon moves in front of the sun on December 14, 2020, to create this year’s one and only total eclipse of the sun. It’s also the
 final eclipse of the decade (2011 to 2020).

A solar eclipse results whenever the new moon swings directly between the sun and Earth, The dark cone-shaped shadow is called the umbra and the faint shadow outside the umbra is called the penumbra. All places on Earth within the umbra see a total solar eclipse, and all places within the penumbra see a partial eclipse of the sun.

On a worldwide scale, the eclipse starts over the Pacific Ocean and ends over the Atlantic Ocean. The small black dot shows the path of the total solar eclipse whereas the larger gray circle depicts the much broader path of the partial solar eclipse.

So let's look at it from an energy point of view. 
Sun = Father, Yang energy - activity, life and growth
Moon is associated with fertility, daughter, reflective - showing both Mother Earth and Father Sun energies like a child. It cycles through reflecting the different energies of Sun/Earth ( Mother/Father)
Looking at the image above - Moon moves in between Sun and Earth - Both energies are reflected and blocked at the same time. Moon gets both energies from both. If you start looking at these energies like this, you will start to understand the "Flow".  
Darkness is associated with Yin/Mother/Nurturing/Seeding energies. Seeds grow in th dark. One side seeks light, the other darkness - a perfect balance - hence the saying as above so below. 

Let's look at  December 14 - 20th...  then Solstice - This information I combined from 2 sites I resonated with mixed in with my info.. 

First half of the DECEMBER  is a time for completion, during which we are encouraged to keep releasing the past. 

Second half = is about letting the future in by aligning with new dreams, new visions, and new sources of motivation.

Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius of December 14 is the need to let go of outdated beliefs and assumptions belonging to the past so you can let in a New Future 

“This is the time to be defined by your vision of the future more than your memories of the past.” 


MONDAY DEC 14th - "A major shift in the energy occurs this week with a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on Monday and both Saturn and Jupiter moving out of Capricorn and into Aquarius through the week. This leads to their conjunction on the Winter Solstice and the start of the next 20-year cycle of social, cultural growth. Finally, the log jam of the Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn that has defined 2020 gives way and forward movement begins. It is as if we have been in a high stakes card game at a casino where Capricorn rules—the odds favoring the casino. At the eclipse, the deck gets shuffled and we are dealt a new hand with the approaching Aquarian rules—equal odds and rights for all, true democracy. "

It is interesting to note that the Pluto/Saturn conjunction of last January coincided with the first cases of covid that became the pandemic . As Saturn and Jupiter move into Aquarius this week, - we can only send energy towards eradicating the virus.

The Solar Eclipse on Monday is a South Node eclipse, signaling the time to release and let go of beliefs (Sagittarius) that no longer serve you. Beliefs are so insubstantial, and yet so formative, in the lives we live—“As you believe, so you shall become.”  Sagittarius is the sign of the adventurer, always seeking to move beyond existing boundaries. The shadow side of Sagittarius is self-righteous, dogmatic, fundamentalistic thinking revealed when a person is no longer exploring beyond their existing boundaries.

The Eclipse is like a cosmic eraser as the Moon’s shadow moves across the Sun—Use the eclipse energy to identify and erase any restricting beliefs you hold from the past as you prepare to move forward into this new era.

Monday- 14: Put on your explorer’s hat today with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius at 8:17 AM PST—first, take some time to examine any limiting, restricting beliefs you have, and let go of those that block the forward-leaning expansive Sagittarius possibilities. Relationships are favored with Venus supported by fortunate Jupiter, and communications are enhanced with Mercury trine Mars. The Solar Eclipse will emphasize the necessity to completely let go of the past, of our expectations related to it, of our old beliefs and ways of thinking, in order to be able to move towards a new and more authentic direction.

Take a personal time for yourself and examine any limiting beliefs you may have. An easy way to do this is ask yourself why you haven't achieved some of your dreams/goals. What stopped you or what stops you? Look at those beliefs and outline which ones need to be transformed to move forward!

Tuesday-15: A good day for tending to business and financial issues with the Moon in task-oriented Capricorn supported by innovative Uranus. Relationships are steadied with Venus (love) supported by stabilizing Saturn. Venus moves into gregarious Sagittarius, bringing out the playful-buddy side of relationships.  Just one day after the Total Solar Eclipse, Venus enters Sagittarius, increasing the emphasis on this archetype. Venus in Sagittarius is an energy that needs absolute freedom of expression, as it aims to self-discovery and self-actualization. This transit will support our ongoing search for truth, purpose, and for the meaning of life: for this reason, during the journey of Venus through Sagittarius, many of us will feel inspired to dive deeper into personal development and spiritual growth. 
Meanwhile, on the same day, Chiron stations direct in Aries after being in retrograde motion since July. Chiron stationing direct represents an invitation to take concrete action towards healing, by implementing behaviors that support emotional self-regulation and promote the integration, rather than the suppression, of our sensitivity. Cultivating a stronger sense of self-worth and self-confidence, and learning to be who we are without apologizing for our nature will be the main themes of the upcoming post shadow phase, lasting until April 2021.

What relationships are needed, what relationships need to be transformed or let go to enable you to move forward. Look at negative people in your life, Look at how you feel about people and transform these negative emotions into one of release and letting go. Remember that you don't Physically have to do it but energetically - you can cut cords and release their impact on your life. 

This is also a great time to look at what has kept you from succeeding in business . What beliefs would serve you to move forward, which limiting beliefs need to be addressed/transformed. outline these. 

Wednesday-16: An irritable morning gives way to a focused, productive day with the Moon in productivity-oriented Capricorn—first agitated by impatient Mars, then aligning with ambitious Pluto and Jupiter. Saturn moves into Aquarius tonight, ending its 2 & ½ year heavy transit of Capricorn—time to envision what can be, rather than shore up what has not been working.

Outline your dreams and goals if you had NO fears, if you knew you could not and will not fail. Take some time and write this out! It is a great exercise. And FEEl it

Thursday-17: Give yourself permission to just be yourself today and enjoy the uniqueness of others with the Moon in individualistic Aquarius supported by Venus (relationships). You can have as much freedom as you are willing to give others with the square to rebellious Uranus. As Saturn enters Aquarius, we are encouraged to find a deeper sense of personal responsibility, not based on our conditioning but rather on an embodied feeling of how the energy we send out through our actions, words, and deeds positively or negatively affects the collective. The importance of community will be emphasized throughout the next two and a half years of Saturn in Aquarius. During this time, we will have the chance to build something of lasting value by working together with others.

Outline what kind of people you would like to be surrounded by? What kind of community and tribe do you want to belong to. 

Feel the energy of working with these "perfect" community members as you support each other and all grow. 

Friday - 18: Friendships, groups and social activity are highlighted today (virtual connections included) with the Moon in socially aware Aquarius supported by action-oriented Mars, as well as Mercury (communications). This is a good day to be bold, speak up, and act on your ideas.

On December 18, both the Sun and Mercury will form their yearly alignment with the Center of our Galaxy. We are likely to feel the effects of this configuration for a few days: the Galactic Center is a region of space and not an actual celestial body. When this point is activated by planetary transits, themes from the past can emerge to be released, so that we can move forward lighter. These aspects invite us to embrace a higher perspective of life and to reconnect with the Divinity within ourselves.

Read over what you have outlined the last few tasks and notice how you feel. 

How will you express yourself? What will you bring into your new chapter. How will you serve the higher spiritual connections and purpose? 

Take time to connect with your Spirit guides today. 

Saturday - 19 : Possibilities abound as Jupiter leaves its shackles in Capricorn and enters free-spirited Aquariusliberate your mind and think forward. Don’t compromise your values (Venus) to go with the flow with the Moon in Pisces square Venus. The Sun/Mercury conjunction in Sagittarius this evening creates a festive attitude—“tis the season..” On December 19, Jupiter enters Aquarius for the first time after 2008-2009. Jupiter in Aquarius inaugurates a one year cycle of technological and spiritual expansion. Intellectual freedom and independent thinking will be big themes of the upcoming years, during which many of us will break free from deep and unconscious conditioning and limiting beliefs. Our inspiration and creativity are likely to increase exponentially through contact and exchange with like-minded Souls.

Exercise of Breaking Free, Releasing the anchors, Cutting Energetic cords.. moving forward. 
Call and talk to friends or groups with like minded/ common goal/ supportive groups during this day! 

Be grateful for these people in. your life or seek to find them if you have not done so.  Be FREE Spirited today!

Sunday 20: Mercury (the mind) enters down to earth Capricorn, giving greater focus to projects, tasks, and business matters for the remainder of the year. However, the mood today with the Moon in dreamy Pisces joins imaginative Neptune, enhances creativity, spirituality, and the desire to escape from it all. On December 20, Mercury enters Capricorn, after spending three weeks in expansive and intuitive Sagittarius. From now until January 8, our thought patterns will be more structured and practical, as we will seek to generate order and make sense of reality through logic and rationality. During this transit, we may feel quieter and more introspective than usual. Mercury in Capricorn will help us be more disciplined, plan for the year ahead, and organize our days in constructive ways.

Outline projects and Goals! Be Creative & Spiritual and Free! Outline New Beliefs you are embodying now - how you will follow through each day. How you will take action.. 
Schedule things on your calendar. Get Organized, Clean up and re-organize your office/projects.

Monday - 21 - On December 21, the Sun joins Mercury: Capricorn season begins, and the Winter Solstice takes place. This year, Capricorn season will be a highly transformative time, as it is inaugurated by the powerful Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius. Throughout the transit of the Sun through Capricorn, we will witness some endings and many new beginnings. Capricorn season and Wintertime represent an invitation to turn within in order to discover what reality we truly want to manifest. We will be encouraged to let go of any fear of being judged by others and of any inhibition that prevents us from expressing ourselves authentically. Traditionally known as “the Great Conjunction” this Jupiter-Saturn alignment is taking place at the 0° of the sign of the Water Bearer. This cosmic event is inaugurating a new era full of creativity, originality, and innovation. While Jupiter expands, Saturn contracts: this may sound contradictory, but these energies can work well together: their influence will support us in bringing our ideas into form and will inspire many of us to give birth to something revolutionary.

Great time to do a ritual! 

Visualize your "Transition" what you will leave behind, how you are moving forward. Notice the difference in yourself, in your beliefs, in your energy and in feeling in control! Look at what you have let go, give thanks for the purpose, Look at what you have implanted to manifest. 

Outline your dreams, goals and desires.. make a list of all of them. Visualize each one. Add them to your goal board if you have one. This is the transition time. Gateway to walk through. 

Dec 23 - Wednesday   - we experience the last one of a cycle of three squares between Mars in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. Themes that first came up during August can culminate or emerge again, to find a complete resolution. As this can be a highly explosive aspect, it is important to be particularly aware of avoiding reacting on impulse, as this can easily generate even more reactivity and anger. On the other hand, Mars square Pluto highly supports our motivation and our stamina: this energy will help us embody the strength we need to overcome challenges and obstacles.

Notice what is happening today. Ask yourself how you can transform or motivate yourself to take action now.  What challenges need to be overcome and how you can overcome them. .

Dec 29 - The Full Moon in Cancer is closing the Eclipse portal as well as the calendar year. This celestial alignment is inviting us to come back to our hearts, to nurture our inner child, and to honor our connection with our loved ones. On the same day, Venus is approaching a conjunction with the South Node of the Moon in Sagittarius: this aspect will be exact on December 30 or 31, depending on the timezone, but it will be already active on the Full Moon. Venus on the South Node represents an invitation to seek fulfillment within ourselves, rather than expecting other people to fulfill us.

Full moon is when we are heightened by Yang energy. Sun is reflecting all yang energy all night long. Emotions are high.. look at your feelings, review your goals, note that you are overflowing with this energy. You can outline what else needs to be released. Do the Full moon ritual!

I copied info from these 2 sites. They are great and I highly recommend checking them out. I encourage you to notice how you feel during these time and keep a journal! As you start to pay more attention and tune into these energies, they will let you know. Awareness is the first step.. next is understanding, appreciating and using these energies in your life. Notice how they impact you. If you are influenced - see how you can leverage these energies to add value to your spiritual journey! Great info from and , with a little added in with my info 

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