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What Doctors Should Know About EMF Radiation Research

This is an awesome video from the Founder of Physicians’ Health Initiative for Radiation and Environment ( PHIRE) PHIREMedical.org - Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe!

There are multiple reasons why someone’s health may be impacted. In this video, Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe talks about how doctors should understand the impact of EMF as potential cause for some of these issues that seem to be exponentially growing. She has started her own organization educating the medical field about these issues and how to help patients.

EMF and Calcium Channels

Some interesting information you will learn include the impact of EMF on Calcium channels in our cells membranes. How they can be opened up with the microwave waves which allows calcium to influx into the cells in high concentrations than should be there. Which leads to Nitrix Oxide stress – toxic oxidative stress. She talks about the research behind it.

We have high concentration of Calcium channels in our Central Nervous System (CNS), that may be why we see some relative issues in this area.

So when you are trying to rest and heal, if your body is constanly exposed to this environment – it may have a detrimental impact. Each person may react differently with different symptoms. I believe it also depends on the other factors combined. Being a Functional Medicine student, it is clear that each person’s operating system is different and the impact of environment will also be different. Some people exposed to the same type of “danger” may represent totally different symptoms, same is true with medications – for some it works while others may not see any benefits.

Our Environment is Changing

Our Frequency Environment is expanding – it is getting stronger – uncontrolled and unacknowledged by organizations because studies and research are sponsored by the very companies that want to implement it. Most are unaware of the potential impacts.

Do you notice increases in Autism and Behavioral & emotional issues on an exponential rise – does it match and follow the changing and implementation of the cell towers? During my research at NIH, there were plenty of doctors researching the Autism and cell phone/cell tower correlations.

Take Control of Your Environment

It is your responsibility to take control of your home/environment – what you decide to eat and drink etc but is it really our choice when our schools have cell towers where we expose our kids to radiation that actually does damages DNA and may cause mental issues, damage to cells etc? Is this really where we are. Because people who decide to ignore the research and make their own conclusions – it won’t change until it is too late and we have had enough kids and people suffer that maybe – a new line of solutions will hit the market. Do you think they will change the environment or will they sell us some ways to block it? I think the latter. Will you have the resources to implement it- that is another market to be created to be profited from! So sad we are at this stage. But on the flip side, people will say, I want to have connection, I want to have my internet and TV’s etc. And most believe you can’t have those if you decide to control EMF. Not so. There are lots of ways you can limit EMF and still have your access and ensure your body has the time to heal without being impacted.

None of this information is being filtered to the public! Will it be too late for you? Will you be a statistic or do you decide and choose to change your environment now? Do you suffer from various ailments that do not seem to go away or maybe they keep returning?  Maybe it is time to look at your environment and see if it may be contributing. 

@30Mins – she talks about SCHOOLS AND RADIATION..

Different countries have taken a step to ban WIFI in schools as well as use of cell phones etc. EDUCATION IS KEY.. she has started her own organization to educate and work with physicians. ADVISORY HEALTH ORGANIZATIONS are failing to note the impact of these EMF/RF in our environments.

How to Take Action Now

  • You have control in your home.
  • Focus on the areas that you spend the most amount of time and your bedroom!
  • Start to turn off your WIFI.
  • Anytime with Voltage
  • Avoid Metal bedframes
  • Avoid Metal Springs in your mattress
  • Stop using Baby monitors or wireless appliances (Smart Appliances, security etc)
  • Get a Trifield or otherMeter to read the fields. ( see link below - Training on how to use this meter and understand it - coming soon) 
  • Put cell phones into airplane mode or away from your bedroom.
  • Never every put your phone in your pocket or bra or close to your body ( unless you have emf shield pouches)
  • Limit kids on Ipads and if they are using it, don’t have it connected. You can wire connect if needed.
  • Sometimes Low Intensity fields can have more of a detrimental impact vs High and sometimes vice versa. Outline your reactions and sensitivities and report them to your doctor.
  • Find others who may have similar challenges if you have them.
  • Do your own research – you can find parents with autistic kids who have shielded their home etc.
  • Understand your environment. Start to look at where the towers are, electrical boxes, smart meters etc.

Tools You Can Use

Below you will find a Trifield Meter you can get from Amazon as well as cables that allow you to connect your iPad to the internet.

As I continue with my training in this arena and functional medicine – I will post more info. There are some great info out there and if you start to become aware, you can start to take control. Only you will know how it will impact you and your family! But you do have some choices right now. Leave a comment below if you found this interesting and informative!

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