What You Don't Know About Electro-Magnetic Radiation

November 2, 2019 // 9AM - 11AM

How To Create a Healthy, Radiation- Free Environment

I am so excited to be able to share with you my newest passion for Healthy Living - EMF - Electromagnetic Fields! At this meetup, we are going to talk about what EMF is, how they are created and the differences between: 

  1. Electric Fields & Dirty Electricity
  2. Magnetic Fields
  3. Radio Frequencies
  4.  Geopathic stress (which we discussed in our last meeting) and they impact our lives - Mind, Body and Spirit -  then PLEASE join me! 

Creating a Healthy Environment for balance - mind/body/spirit is challenging in today's environment. There are so many things we are not aware of or understand. As you know, the Unseen - is powerful! The first step is to understand and notice. 

How do we create an environment that helps us connect with our body and spirit/God(s) of your choice, or even with “positive” earth and cosmic energies?  Understanding the Good and Bad "energies" and how they may be impacting not just us but our family will be an eye opening experience -like I have had! 

I am so passionate about this because I have more and more clients that are EHS - Electromagnetic Hyper sensitive and parents who are becoming more EMF aware & conscious – like we are! 


We have 5G coming around the corner. You probably have a smart meter attached to your home (or soon coming) if you live in Fairfax/Arlington/Loudoun Counties. if you are finding yourself with challenges of sleep, headaches, health issues, focus and learning challenges.. please join me..

My goal is to share with you some amazing things I have learned because it WILL make a difference in how you look at your environment! I also know it can and will help a lot of people - I also know you will walk away a changed person! You will become more conscious of your environment and how it may be impacting you. That alone is a win! 

This I believe is a must if you are even thinking about Feng Shui/Vastu or other Energetic & Sacred Home practices!  

As with anything - you don't know what you don't know until you learn. I purchased a trifield meter and thought I knew what I was measuring or doing until I took the step to become and EMF Assessment and Mitigation specialist. I did this for my family and clients. At first, I didn't know how much it would impact us and our extended family. Seeing the impact - I have to make time to share with you all.

  • If you have EHS – Electro Hyper Sensitivity or are starting to show symptoms.. 
  • If you are one of the parents in our STOP CELL TOWERS AT SCHOOLS group…
  • If you have children with special needs…
  • If you are pregnant or having fertility issues…
  • If you are battling any type of cancer…
  • If you are battling chronic illness…
  • If you are experiencing health issues and doctors can’t seem to figure out why or what is going on…
  • If you eat right, exercise and meditate and still find yourself sick …
  • If you have headaches, trouble sleeping, heart palpitations, focus issues, or feel tingly after holding your cell phone or table … 
  • If you are just interested in finding out how you can create a RADIATION FREE Home…

If you know anyone who may want to join us, please let them know. As with all my sessions, this is Free - I am not selling anything, not asking for anything other than to share what you learn with others! We have to come together to understand how EMF impacts our body, our lives and how certain decisions being done WILL impact all of us, our kids, our environment! 

I will also share with you the mistakes I made thinking I was doing the right thing - such as by buying Grounding & Earthing mats - and NOT realizing I was making things worse for my family! 

This will be a 2+hour session. I have a lot to share and will answer any questions you may have after. I am going to try to shrink months of learning into 2+ hours so that I can explain things that I know WILL make an impact in YOUR life and in our local areas. Bring your questions - lets work together to create a healthy environment for ourselves, Out families and loved ones as well as our environment!

This is a webinar event! Register and tune in from home.

As always – Thank you for sharing!

EMFs - What you need to know to Create Your Healthy & Sacred Space!

I am so excited to be able to share with you my newest passion for Healthy Living - EMF - Electromagnetic Fields!

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Hello, my name is Ayda Walsh. My journey with EMF Assessments, Mitigation, and Geovital started with a battle with cell tower proposals on the local schools in my community. Read more about me and why I decided to study EMF by clicking the button below!