How to make your gmail more secure

Hackers are getting smarter each day! As technology offers more pathways to our data and gadgets, we need to lock down and implement more security measures. Here are some great guidelines given by Shubham Davey on the best ways to secure your Gmail account. More info can be found here :

  • Enable Two-step verification - Home remedy is the best remedy. Google has recently come up with 2-step authentication to ensure the security of your account. If you happen to access your account, the two-step verification will bring in your mobile phone in the picture as security agent which makes it next to impossible to hack your account. The 2-step verification includes sending a login code to your registered mobile number every time you try to login.
  • Use a strong password - A strong password is the key to security of any online entity. That is the reason why most of the websites and online portals have set a certain rules for setting password, failing to which will result in unsuccessful sign up or next action step.
  • Track your google account activity remotely - Google has a feature of reviewing last 10 logins along with details like IP address, device, browser and time. This helps us report any suspicious login/activity and get it removed from your account. Even google flags such reports and blocks it immediately.
  • Tweak gmail Security settings - Apart from off-gmail settings, google has provided certain security settings within gmail, they are as follows.
    • Enable ‘personal level indicators’ under general tab to ensure you only receive emails you should actually receive.
    • Under “Account & Import” make sure only verified account are listed under “send email as”
    • In same tab ensure “Grant access to your account” & “Check mails from other accounts” should have verified email accounts only.

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