Make Homemade Organic Rooting Hormones with simple items from your home

You may have purchased some rooting hormones to help you propagate plants but you can also use natural items as agents to help root by protecting the plant and enabling it to take root.

Also integration of BioGeometry "concepts" into these would be amazing! I will be doing some videos when we are ready to setup the green house and build our own organic garden at our new healing center that is still in the works. We are hoping to purchase a large parcel of land still as our Texas deal fell through 🙁  But HLRAD will be back in action and still looking for the perfect opportunity to create our community! 

In the video below, you will find 8 powerful homemade rooting hormones that are organic except for the aspirin at the end.

 The interesting one is the HUMAN SALIVA - which has a very interesting spiritual belief of merging with the human DNA and creating a combined plant or a plant that is made perfectly for the individual ( whose saliva is used). You can expand yourself in plants!! How cool is that! Your own Plant children! 

Others include Apple Cider Vinegar, Aloe plant, honey and others...

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