Marcus Freudenmann and Extreme Health Radio Interview on PEMF

I am looking into Truly Heal - Marcus Freudenmann's awesome videos on PEMF, Ozone, and RIFE. These are things I was exposed to a few years back and ran into a great interview that has more message/signs for me and I took some highlights and notes that I wanted to post in here so I can share and also have it in a place where I can refer to it later! 

Absolutely wonderful interview- I really enjoy the Extreme Health Radio shows and interviews. He does a great job and I am very grateful to both hosts for sharing their knowledge and skills! I know how much time and effort it takes to create those videos and coordinating the people, editing etc so I appreciate it from someone who is starting to do those now! 

The interview is very interesting. I think if you are interested or curious about PEMF, it is a great interview. There were a lot of cool info on there and I am going to outline my notes below:

BENEFITS OF PEMF - pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy.

Some of the benefits of PEMF therapy are...

  1. Decreased pain
  2. Reduced inflammation
  3. Increased range of motion
  4. Faster functional recovery
  5. Reduced muscle loss after surgery
  6. Increased tensile strength in ligaments
  7. Faster healing of skin wounds
  8. Enhanced capillary formation
  9. Acceleration of nerve regeneration
  10. Decreased tissue necrosis.

There are actually so much more than these - and I will have these under PEMF section of my website. I have a MAS Multi PEMF machine that we use. There are lots of different ones out there - at the time I was searching for one - I talked with Dr. Pawluk and purchased the MAS from him based on my needs and wants. In this interview, Marcus talks about his machines which I have not experienced or knew about. He shows people how they can use it and very flexible ways it can be utilized. I don't have the Loop which I wish I did! I have a mat and a small pad that I use. I simply love my PEMF machine! I get on it when I have massive headaches or if I eat something that doesn't agree with me or after healing sessions if I can't go outside to ground myself.  I also use it like an acupunture session by blasting the meridians 🙂 

Marcus went to over 120 clinics and talked to hundreds of doctors and picked 4 machines that he recommends. Price ranges vary. He also has free training videos on how to use them etc on his website at ( his videos are simply awesome!) 

He talked about how he prefers powerful machines (1,000+ Gauss) vs  less powerful machines such as IMRS (.45Gauss)- I know some people how have IMRS and they LOVE it - it does heart, mind, BWE  in addition to PEMF but the PEMF is low and it is on purpose.  So I don't see this machine as one people would utilize for sickness but more for maintenance and tune up ( my opinion) and I think it offers some very unique features that other machines do not so I think it offers a combination effect that can really  enhance experience for some people. But if you are looking to heal yourself from various different ailments or help your body with Detoxing etc, he recommends the 4 different machines he sponsors - because he has seen them work.  He says he bought a bunch of different PEMF machines and ended up selling his IMRS on Ebay. 

He talked about Earth Pulsating 0-40Hz - it doesn't have just one frequency but it has a heartbeat ( my visualization) and we need these specific frequencies ( so do all the animals and plants!) Different times, frequencies will change ( my knowledge not covered in the interview) 

  • 16Hz --> Good for Bone Density
  • 32-36 Hz --> for Immune System
  • 24 Hz --> for Red Blood cells to Mobilize

It increases bone density - for poeple that are my age and older, this is a great feature! Wound healing is increased 3x! It helps with Pelvic Floor/Incontenance issues

He mentions that all Thorough Bred Horses ( especially winners) all use and are treated with PEMF! He states he sells his PEMF machines to lots of Vets and Horse handlers.

@23.27:  They also talk about FDA approval and some changes Trump is making with Vaccines and the process such as the ability for poeple to get on drugs if they are terminal wihtout having to wait for FDA approval! Some great things are being implemented. He also has a special group looking into the effectiveness of Vaccines - special research that will hopefully show some TRUTH behind vaccines. 

@25.01: America leading the way in the field of Supplements and other countries are leading the way in different things. He travels the world 2x a year to talk to different groups and doctors and research information so he can share wiht his group and public. 

In Vitro vs In Vivo - just because something reacts a certain way in a petri dish - doesn't mean it will react the same way in your body! 

@36:36 - he talks about WHAT MAKES US SICK..

  1. Deficiency
  2. Toxicity
  3. Acidity
  4. Lack of Oxygen
  5. Hormones
  6. Lifestyle/Stress etc. 

There are more but those are the basic ones. 

People  are sick because of 1 or a various combinations of these 

@38:26 - Membrane receptors get blocked by Heavy Metals - 40,000 more heavy metal in toxic parts of the body! 

One thing doesn't "cure" anything. You need a combination of things. For example Cilantro is great for detoxing but you need a binding agent . He also talks about a protocol:

1-2 day water fast - which opens all the cell membranes, then you use PEMF, take Binders and Use Magnesium Oil and Drink Clay ( As binder) -PEMF shakes those Toxins and heavy metals loose from the receptors so your body can detox.  There are 50 clinics doing just this and getting 50x better results with detoxing and healing. 

44:55 - Antibiotics and how it strips the membrane receptors of the cells/bacteria so they can't interact with any other cells ( sort of like their mouth, hand and legs are cut off) but they are still there and they still breathe, pee and poop. Good bacteria and Bad bacteria get impacted. These are great for certain cases but they are given to people so often now that the bacteria is developing resistance. Ozone can kill the bacteria and viruses. 

@46.55: FEVER - Fever is not bad and it is not a disease! It is our body's mechanism to fight off disease and it is also a trigger mechanism to create more white blood cells and get our immune system in fight mode to learn to fight off infections. But today - it is treated like a disease and the FEVER industry is a multi-billion dollar industry! 

  • Marcus has 400 doctors in his training program ( that was in 2017!) 
  • 25,000 people went through his cancer program
  • He is not focusing on Programs for Mothers to be! ( How cool is that!) THis allows them to prepare their bodies 1-2 years before for healhier babies and moms! 
  • The Equipment sales they make - goes to sponsor the program for the Moms to be! ( Awesome!) 

  • It would be worth watching - You can fast speed and watch it! Great info and I love both of these guys! Great Intention, Great Info and they are looking to change the world and educate people as much as they can! Share the info with someone who may need it! We have to work together to create a network of people so we can ALL HEAL!  

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