Mystery of Healing using Ancient skills of Radiesthesia

I have been a follower of Rev. Alicja Aratyn for a few years now. She has a wonderful shop of various types of pendulums I have purchased over the years. She also offers various trainings! This latest one is called Mystery of Healing. 

I have just started the training and will leave an updated review after I complete it! But for those who may be interested in her trainings - check out the great outline of knowledge and skills she offers. On top of it, She offers 1 hour of consultation with you to help you with your specific health challenges - if you have any.   

She is sharing her knowledge and skills to help people discover that there is more to healing than we realize. There are unseen forces. you can tap into and learn to understand how you can discover things even some doctors can't!  I find it absolutely fascinating! 

Mystery of Healing Class Topics

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