8 Phases of The Moon

Phase 1 – NEW PHASE

The New Moon brings about self-discovery, new beginnings and intention. With minimum awareness and knowledge, this is a time of vulnerability, but also excitement and desire. During this phase, become aware of your intention – visionary action is essential! Be clear about your goal and how you will accomplish it. You will have an opportunity to revise later, so trust yourself and your potential to manifest.

Question: What do I desire?

Action: Picture your goal.


The Crescent Moon is about developing the vision from Phase 1. Make a commitment to be responsible for attaining your goal. Gather the information you will need to support your goal. Protect and sustain your vision, and understand your motivation behind the desire.

Question: What does my goal fulfill and how can guarantee it will be fulfilled?

Action: Welcome information, plan for action, nourish yourself.


The First Quarter is about action. You can use your body to generate energy, then use this energy to fuel your goal! Don’t feel the need to have approval from others, do what you feel is right. This phase is meant to clear away obstacles so your goal will have space to grow.

Question: What can I do to initiate the action of my goal?

Action: Participate in physical activity to initiate energy.

Phase 4 – GIBBOUS

The Gibbous Phase is about reception and discernment. This is the first time you will have feedback regarding your goal. This is a time to analyze and question your actions, and seek new methods, also try to release judgment and become self-reliant.

Question: How can I refine my plan? What have I overlooked?

Action: Review your original goal.

Phase 5 – FULL

The Full Moon is about awareness and sharing. Begin reshaping goals in accordance with your new awareness. Now is the time to involve others in your activities. Relationships will help you become more aware.

Question: How can I create harmony?

Action: Establish relationships – listen closely to what you and others are saying.


The Disseminating phase is about communication and being open to change. Share your feelings with others in order to gain perspective.

Question: Do my goals contribute to the welfare of the group? Have I become self-righteous?

Action: Review First Quarter feelings and teach what you have learned.


The Last Quarter is about reorientation. Here you should take action to create a successful outcome, or correct an action. Recognize your accomplishments, but also accept responsibility for your actions. You know the proper course to move forward.

Question: Where do I go from here?

Action: Use what you have learn to help others. Release blocked energy.

Phase 8 – BALSAMIC

The Balsamic Phase is about letting go of the past. Turn your thoughts and attention to the future, what was, and what is to be. Clear out the old and make way for the new. This is the time to dream and contemplate, also remembering to allow yourself to heal.

Question: What should I release? What do I take with me into the next cycle?

Action: Dream & heal!

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