Secured-Unsensored Email options

Secure email options
You are probably NOT getting some emails if you are using one of these free email accounts from the U.S.:,,,, because they are monitoring and censoring certain information. Furthermore - they utilize this information to sell you things, understand your behaviors, your responses, your habits, your sleep cycles and interest .For some this may be no big deal - what if they know. For others, just understanding that their personal behavioral actions are monitored by ai and your email content is open to be utilized is not a comforting thing -but that is what you get in exhange for FREE service! We pay one way or another. If it is not $, then it is by our privacy info
  1. Two Free Email services out of Europe are a better choice, as they have stricter privacy commitments, and those are: Protonmail (Switzerland), and Tutanota (Germany) or Ctemplar out of Iceland is considered the best by some people.

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