The Augmented Age is Here! Are You Ready?

technology and humans

The Exciting or Scary Augmented Age is here!

Are you ready for the the integration between Technology, Nature and Humanity?
How do you think the world will be 10-50-100 years from now?

Finding Balance & The Future

I think a lot of us are trying to find a balance between technology and nature, and being a spiritual human. I personally see humans as herds, following some "design" or "orders and rules" we are all made to obey and follow. Our goals are about finding a way to make money so we can survive and support our family. Money - an invention of humans - that has an assigned value (and yes, we assign and accept it) is ruling our world. Now we have evolved into credit, another enslaving ideas that offers us the ability to acquire things in exchange for more potential debt.  Then we have TV, movies, and news that augment reality one way or another depending on who is providing the information. Humans will pick a "Truth Source" and follow and accept those words as THE Truth, never finding out things for themselves.  But this isn't the only concern - how the future will expand for our kids, and their kids? Someday they will look at our current technology and what we have done to the earth and realize how little we knew, how archaic our methods were.  

My son, who couldn't understand how people can't have WIFI because it is part of the "air", was shocked to find out that the invisible data is actually being broadcasted in the air as data. That in seconds it can download, upload data, travel, and bounce around cell towers and routers, and arrive at the mobile phone or computer and be transformed to show us what we can "perceive".  As I write this,  I am even in awe of the process. His perfection of reality is already so different and his future will also be so different. 

I believe it is the goals and the reasons behind what we do that makes us grow and connect and create. An idea out there is like a seed in the quantum field, it can take root and grow, potentials and possibilities  start to grow like tree branches and each leaf can be a unique creation that feeds the whole - our global intention! 

On the other side, you will always have people who need to CONTROL and crave power over others. The yin, yang will exist. Maybe we can transform this in a way to enhance it - only time will tell. 

Technology vs Human: A Ted Talk

This TED Video by Al Maurice is awesome!  He talked about our daily constant battle of Technology vs Human and how it is and will impact us. We know that technology is already a big part of our daily living. Most people utilize some form of technology in their daily lives. Think about light bulbs! And now we are even entering the world of AI - Artificial Intelligence and Robots!

According to Al Maurice - we are going move from:

  • Things that are fabricated - to -  things that are farmed 
  • Things that are constructed - to -  things that are grown
  • Being isolated - to - being connected
  • Extraction  - to - embrace aggregation
  • Craving obedience from our things  - to - valuing autonomy

Do you think we will have a world of more variety, more connected-ness, more dynamism, more complexity, more adaptability and of course more beauty? 

How Do You See the World Changing?

Do you think we can come together and create a world where we value our Mother Earth and each other, and work on being creative and exploring other worlds out there? Or will we continue to be programmed and controlled to serve the Robots or the companies who run them.
What if what you think, what you want, what you intend can make a difference. And if you focus on the positive vs the FEAR, the universe, humanity and God will feed those thought seeds? What if we all learn to work together to become a technologically advanced "clan" of the future to help one another and others? What if Money and Power over others is no longer there and you are free to explore your gifts and live without being a slave to stress and others, but you LOVE what you do and focus on contributing to the world and the universe?

The Effects

So what are the Yin/Yang - opposing sides of this Technology vs Human Enhancement? Will jobs be taken away from humans? In some cases, yes. But what if we can focus on how Technology and AI can augment humans?

Robots can do things humans can't.  From nano robots (places humans can't travel), to space robots (places where humans can't survive). Without these we may not be able to explore space as effectively. With Nano technology now, there are things we are learning we didn't know before. Things are being done that can't be done by humans. or being done with humans interacting with them much more effectively. For example, surgeries can be performed where the robots can pinpoint the exact location of issues for the surgeon and assist in less invasive surgeries so patients can recover faster.  We can even create a 3D version of a human and see inside them!

Robots excel in Speed, Precision and Repetitiveness, they can analyze things, test things according to algorithms, and go through hundreds and thousands of case studies to come up with the best designs.

Technology at Work

Crippled people develop nervous systems when put into a robot that mimics walking. Can we have machines like the movie Alien or Avatar, where they can get inside and do things that we can't physically? Simulators today train people vs. being on the multi-million dollar airplanes and jets in real life.

They are now giving computers/robots/objects an electronic "nervous system" where it "learns". In the Ted Talk above, he talked about the Bandito brothers who design insane cars. They gave the cars a nervous system and pulled all the data/information from the cars into a "Dreamcatcher", their generative design AI, and came up with cars that can do amazing things!

Our Future

What if in the future you can just make the stuff you want vs wanting something people have made? You can wake up and decide on what color, type, or style of clothing you want to wear and it can be created for you on demand?  What if we can all be like Iron man, talk to our computer/Ai's and work with them to create things? 

Of course the Fears will creep in, and what if they take over? What if they will kill the humans? Humans are good at Awareness, Perception and Decision making. Can AI develop intuition? We are going to be augmented Cognitively, Physically and Perceptually! It is already happening! 

But is it good or bad?

These are thoughts that crossed my mind. Where did your mind take you?

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