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Tonight I watched a documentary on Uri Geller  with my son who is a well known Mentalist who is well known for his SPOON BENDING shows. This documentary talks about what he has done as well as his involvement with various different Governments and projects. Read below on his Legacy series on Gaia πŸ™‚ 

on Gaia - you can watch his "LEGACY" series on his life and his success. It is a great way to understand his background and how he describes his passion on using his mind, being original and showing people what what is possible. 


"Secret of Success is originality " - Uri Geller

Are we limited in our beliefs? 

Can anyone do this? 

Of course there will be people who will work to discredit and not believe, but for thos who believe we can do more with out minds - more than what we even know.. Just think... maybe the belief on  the potential of what is possible can manifest itself! If we truly believe.. we can achieve. 

There is also a "Superhuman documentary"  on kids reading without looking at books - Blindfolded!. Kids knowing what color bags are being thrown at them. Most will dismiss this as Not Possible.. but if you are like me and still reading this, I believe you already have a pull that says You can do so much more than we are told, we are taught, we believe! 

Edgar Cayce - the well known psychic could enter into trans and channel information that he could not possibly know. How did he tap into a part of his mind that could tap into powers that only a few can do? 

Watch his biographies: 

If we believe, we can manifest, we can change the world! If more of us can believe in our own powers, more will be possible! This is the tipping point and the challenge! How can we transform our beliefs and know and discover our mental powers?  Start by Believing that YOU ARE MORE POWERFUL THAN YOU THINK!

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