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Let's make our homes and neighborhood's a sacred, healthy, happy place for us all. Discover a Holistic Lifestyle. Together we can do it! Join others who are on the ascension path,  allowing guidance from the Divine. Let's help and support each other to heal and thrive!

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We are in search of Holistic Community Center locations!

We are looking to create a community of Holistic Living and Healing and we are searching for a land where we can bring this into reality! Goal is to create a center where people can have access to tools, ideas, energies that bring them in coherence with all. 

Trainings, Tiny Homes, Farm, Research center are all part of the vision! If you or anyone you know would like to sell or donate their land for a holistic purpose - Please contact us.  


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This is our Virginia Group that I have hosted since as Spirituality & Metaphysics Meetup since 2006!  Join our group here, where you can attend events, discussions, and participate in our online forum .

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