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Healthy Living R&D

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Let's make our homes and neighborhood's a sacred, healthy, happy place for us all. Discover a Holistic Lifestyle. Together we can do it! Join others who are on the ascension path,  allowing guidance from the Divine. Let's help and support each other to heal and thrive!

Let's make our homes and neighborhood's a sacred, healthy, happy place for us all. Discover a Holistic Lifestyle. Together we can do it! Join others who are on the ascension path,  allowing guidance from the Divine. Let's help and support each other to heal and thrive!

A New Era of Changes are coming! We are all being challenged around the world.  I encourage you to choose to resonate with positive vibrations! Believe it or not, Every THOUGHT changes the world!  Most of the planet are forced to Feel Powerless - powerless against Covid, powerless against our freedom of choice BUT we are not! 

This year I am offering FREE Sessions, trainings and Adventures for those who are looking to explore their powers. Together when we believe in things, we can manifest and make changes in this world. I believe in you! I believe in your powers. You and only you have the power to decide what you want to resonate with and what you want to manifest for your future, for your children, for all our future,  for your life...

I am noticing even "Spiritual" people or "Healers" - focusing and resonating more with Covid, Fighting and Fears. I even find myself getting sucked into the lower level energies and have to Elevate my vibrations. This is not easy as so many people around the world are resonating with these energies. We are all entraining with these energies and whether you believe it or not - we are all swimming in the same energies - you have to consciously block yourself from being entrained. We can do it! 

I see a lot of what people don't want but not a clear picture of what we want. I believe - no matter what "side" you are on - there is a point where we are all in agreement - where we all have the same goal. How we get to that goal may be different but I truly believe we can find this common ground and even if this is on a SPIRITUAL level - we can change the world! 

For example - whether you are for or against vaccines for any reason - what we all want is HEALTH. We all want Healthier Environment, Respecting Mother Earth, we all want abundance, love and support! If I can facilitate even 1 person to elevate into more positive vibrations, if we can connect at a point where we can show love and respect to what we all want - for all of us - we WILL CHANGE THE WORLD! It starts with ONE THOUGHT! ONE ACTION, ONE CONNECTION, ONE BELIEF... 

JOIN ME AS WE START TO CREATE THIS WEB - There are many people around the world who have been activated to perform these connections. If you are being called, if you are feeling lost or confused with what is going on, If you feel like you are in shock or if you just want a better place mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually - then join our sessions. This is just my hub and one entry point. Find those whom you resonate with. There are wonderful things we can all create if we work together. There are powers most have not yet discovered that are within our reach! There are ways we can create even more for all of us - if we just shift into this belief -and create this world. 

FREE Healing - Balancing Sessions

I don't like to call these Healing sessions but it seems that is the word that is most searched so I will leave it for the time being. But these sessions are about bringing Harmony and Balance to the Body! Healing takes place once balance is achieved and energy can flow un-interrupted

We will be offering special sessions which we will post here as soon as our office is ready!  I will be traveling between states and offering these are I partner with different groups where we can all share our skills, experiences to help others. These will be sessions who will agree to participate as part of our research by giving us feedback on results. It will include various different types of modalities and individuals who want to learn how to do these are also welcome! I would love some volunteers as well as future healers!
These will be open to Any individual who can't afford medical care or Single Parents with Special Needs Kids, Individuals who are in PAIN,  Homeless individuals, Illegals and others.  


I  AM - Remember when we invoke these words, we are announcing the presence of God within us.

Utilize this on daily basis by saying things like: 

  • I am Balanced, Healthy and Happy
  • I am Creative 
  • I am Positive and Radiate Good Vibes to all 
  • I am success-ful
  • I am Strong
  • I am Helpful  & Generous
  • I am Prosperous  
  • I am Wealthy..

Feel these words as you command the universe. Have you cells hear you!  Say these with conviction & authority until it becomes a solidified belief and habit! 

Avoid: I am sick, I am broke, I am fat etc 

We are off to SINGULARITY ADVENTURE in February 2022

Singularity Adventures Tulum

Our sessions have been recorded for those who would like to join.

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Starting Jan 2nd - Every Sunday from 9PM - 10:30PM

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This is our Virginia Group that I have hosted since as Spirituality & Metaphysics Meetup since 2006!  Join our group here, where you can attend FREE events, discussions, and participate in our online forum.

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Our Healthy Living R&D 

Well as I get ready for 2022 - I reflect back on 2021.
Some with disappointments with our Sacred Valley community plans which fell through last minute and some other challenges that taught us a lot of lessons and time to reflect. I feel truly blessed to be able to reflect on things and understand the energies and thoughts and cycles of time that have impacted these. We all had our challenges for 2020, 2021 - and even though 2022 may seem to be coming in just as challenging - I am determined to make a difference. 

I have had a lifelong of experiences in so many amazing adventures. I have met amazing people who have taught me so much more than they even realize. Every single person is a learning experience for me!

I decided to build upon the Healthy Living concept as I discovered the impacts of homes in our children. This became even more apparent in real estate. I started Building Biology as we decided to build our new home and find the perfect place to create a community of people who believe and follow the sacred energies of not just mother earth but of each other and everything around us! These subtle energies are so much more powerful than we realize! When you witness these and experience these for yourself - you want to share with every cell in your body! The discoveries and energies you access and the Love that starts to pour out of every pore in your body! My dream and goal is for everyone to feel these feelings. I realize I may only be able to connect with a few but every one - every thought changes the world!  What you decide to focus on today will bring about what you experience. We all need to shift into what we want instead of what we don't. Simple shifts can have profound effects. There are miracles that happen EVERY single day - in EVERY Belief system and Religion. There is no one way to do things. Discover what YOUR WAY is. 


2022 Goals and Adventures

  • Launch Healthy Living R&D 
  • Build upon our Real Estate Investments and search for more opportunities for our future communities. 
  • Create our Healthy Living Communities around the world
  • Start the design and implementation of the Healthy Community initiative by connecting with others around the world as we integrate BioGeometry, Vibrational, Cosmic, Earth energies to create communities around the world with rich soils, healthy farms, living options that offer harmony to occupants. Energized and structured waters, healing centers and proof of concepts!
  • Share and Connect with others who are following the same callings
  • Work on Completing Building Biology Certifications
  • BioGeometry - expand upon these skills...
  • Integrate Building Biology, BioWell, Biogeometry and other systems & modalities  to offer Free Balancing Sessions ( Healing)
  • Meetups in Virginia, Delaware and Florida. 
  • Training and Community Setup - in Process! 
  • Free Energy Balancing Sessions (since I can't say Healing)   

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This is our Virginia Group that I have hosted since as Spirituality & Metaphysics Meetup since 2006!  Join our group here, where you can attend FREE events, discussions, and participate in our online forum.


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Real Estate News

We are in search of Holistic Healing & Wellness
Living Center locations!

We are looking to create a community of Holistic Living and Healing and we are searching for a land where we can bring this into reality! Goal is to create a center where people can have access to tools, ideas, energies that they do not otherwise. 

Trainings, Tiny Homes, Farm, Research center are all part of the vision! If you or anyone you know would like to sell or donate their land - Please contact me.  

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