If your home, apartment or place of work here in Northern Virginia has a feeling of being "slightly off" or "not quite right" or "slightly strange" and you can not put your finger on exactly what is causing it ... there is a possibility that your building is exposed to subtle disturbance in the earth's natural electromagnetic frequency. This is very common phenomenon and is called Geophatic Stress.

"When we do interesting energy work with our meetup group, we find there are a lot of Geophatic Stress Lines in Northern Virginia, We have fun discovering these but more fun when we can remedy them so the occupants do not feel the negative effects any longer"

My  first introduction to Geophatic Stress was actually when we purchased our home and noticed that some of the trees in specific areas just would'nt  grow or grow as large as the others. This was strange as the plantings were done at the same time. To make it even more interesting, we thought it was the tree /  planting  that may have been bad but even after we planted a new healthier one, the effect was the same. The plant / trees just dont grow as well as the others and there is significant difference. This led me to take out the dowsing rods and discovery myself. I took a course on how to detection and remediate these Geophatic Stress in and around your home. The interesting part is when you notice it going into your home. If these lines go into your home, you will need to understand the intersections and potential impacts of it. This seems like doom and gloom when you layer on the Electromagnetic impacts, EMF and etc. but if you know and understand it, you can move your bed, furniture and put some cures down to help remedy it. It is part of the services I offered along with the Feng Shui and Energy Cleansing for home owners.

Welcome to my page on Geophatic Stress

I have read a lot of information on Geophatic Stress after I discovered our home had some lines going through it. During our meetup sessions, we discovered there are a lof ot people who either work or live in geophatic lines! You may find this very interesting if you are one of those people who seem not to be "in-tune" where you work, live or sleep. So let's discover:

Geophatic Stress

What is Geophatic Stress?

What Causes Geophatic Stress?

How To Tell If You are Suffering From Geophatic Stress?

What signs and symptoms indicate Geophatic Stress Zones?

What is a House with Geophatic Stress?

How To Find Geophatic Stress Using Dowsing?

What are the medical implications of Geophatic Stress?

How To Cure or Remedy Geophatic Stress?

Fengshui For Geophatic Stress

Geomancy For Geophatic Stress

Vastu For Geophatic Stress

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