EHS-Electrosmog, the missing link as it relates to cancer, reproductive problems and electrohypersensitivity.

Magda Havas talks at NIEHS May 9, 2016 on Electrosmog and Electrohypersensitivity - Give a thumbs up on her video!

  1. @ 4:43 - MS- Multiple Sclerosis results  - check out the results she was getting just by removing a fraction of the radiation/frequencies  in the home!  Interestingly - for the one on the video - Plasma TV was the main culprit for these frequencies.
  2. @ 6:05 - 2nd person with MS - removed Intermediatary Frequencies and you can see the brain scans 
  3. @ 6:29 Diabetes
  4. 0 Blood Test results with Low EMFs
  5. @ 9:21- Heart Attacks or Anxiety Attacks
  6. @ 12:03 - Kids
  7. @ 13:47 - Sperm Impact 
    nice song to end with!
    Thank you Magda Havas for a great presentation!

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