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Dr. John Ott – Exploring the Light Spectrum

These and similar questions were the subject of Dr. John Nash Ott’s pioneering investigations in the field of photobiology, using the methods of time-lapse photography. In an era of increasing low-level electromagnetic pollution, where everyone is “wired up” to the internet 24/7, and even children have the latest cell phones, iPods, blueberrys and other Wi-Fi gizmos, sitting under fluorescent lights with eyeballs glued to display screens, Dr. Ott shows we are paying the price with our health and biology.

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Kinesiology – Easy Sway Testing

Today, I talked to a friend of mine who wanted to know if there is an easy way for her to find out if something is good for her body or not. Since she lives far away and seems to be fighting some kind of allergic reaction along with her daughter, I told her to try Sway Testing a simple Kinesiology exercise. Kinesiology is the study of the mechanics of body movements!