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Below you will find an example of a coaching session script for one of the goal items I go over with a client.  Though this is personal for the person, you can challenge yourself with answering the questions yourself- in your own words and see how the questions lead you to discovering how you can effectively get organized without feeling overwhelmed!


Pick 3 Goals that you think will make the biggest impact in your life right now for the next week.


So I don’t feel Overwhelmed
How do you manage to feel overwhelmed?
I have too many things I need to do..
How do you manage to have so many things to do?
Because I don’t finish things.. I get distracted.. Because I am not organized. There are more things that need to be done added. And everything just piles on..

How SPECIFICALLY is being organized going to get you to Finish things so you don’t feel Overwhelmed with things that need to be done?
Everything will be in its place, labeled neatly.
I will have my tasks scheduled to get done each week/day
I will have a routine for doing various different types of tasks and my family will follow the routine.
I will have deadlines to get things done and obligations that I can’t put off.

Why haven’t you done this yet?
I don’t know. I have a mental block. I start the Get organized program but do not complete it
What do you think the mental block is?
I don’t know…I get bored after a while … then I get overwhelmed thinking about learning something else I should be doing… to have to learn to do each day.. LOL - Very frustrating!
Do you believe this program will get you organized? Do you see yourself following the program after you complete it?
I honestly don’t know…I hope so.... I guess I have to try it to see if it helps me with these feelings! I may need to adjust it to fit my life.

OK  Just out of curiosity - Do you think there is a way  you can be organized without taking this program or feeling the frustrations?
Maybe ...If I was disciplined enough to get the tasks done and completed so I don’t have to worry about them any longer.
OK let’s focus on that for a bit… Can you close your eyes and step into a future you where you are Completely organized and feeling great – You have a routine and everything is getting finsihed as expected – everything has it’s place, everything is labeled! You have your tasks scheduled for each day and week and you are feeling great getting everything done and feeling organized. Tell me when you get there.. ( I watch the client as the shifts occur) 
Yes I am there
Tell me what you feel, see, hear and know… ( This is where you allow and watch the patient to fully get into state of feeling of those great energies - Let them swim in them and absorb it fully) Never interrupt! 

I wake up knowing my tasks are ready for me. My environment is organized – everywhere – I have labels and things are in their places so I can easily find things ( like my keys!)
I feel calm and relaxed and excited for the adventures of the day! Who will I meet, what will I experience! What will I learn and discover!

I look at my organizer and my calendar on my phone ...and head to my office ready to tackle the day. Everything is organized there as well. I follow the routine of getting ready for the day, organizing my office by clearing energies and opening curtains.... or getting the video studio ready for the recordings!
I make some coffee and feel great! ah...

Great! - how are you keeping yourself organized with all the things you felt you needed to do before? What are you doing different than you had been when you were feeling over whelmed in the past now. Can we look back and see how you got here by looking at the past that is now  ( These are purposefully stated like this - it is part of language patterns and subconscious processing)  I also anchor these feelings on the client. You can do the same by making a fist or holding your hands together- this anchors these positive, exciting feelings of being organized physically!) Allow the client all the time needed to get into state. Timeline can also be used here.  ( the below took a while but there is a summary) This is a great process for the individual go through ( or. you) to look back and see things. you would. not have seen or thought of before.  This is timeline/perspective shifting.  Allow the client to fully explore - never interrupt - If you are doing this yourself - make sure you take your time and really step yourself through it. 

I created areas where things need to go and I labeled each item. At first I started with making piles and put everything in these piles – then I labeled them - like Lab Equipment and Binders for different investments and paperwork. I use binders and not files. I have topics organized on the wall so I can easily see them and I decided to just focus on 3 things at a time! So I focus on the 3 things that are the biggest things I need to do and the small things can get done when I have time. They are not as important. But I look back and I organized my thoughts and projects into categories and I realized I can’t do it all so I asked for help. I was able to get help and assistance to get things done. I realize now that things that do not REQUIRE me can be done by someone else. And instead of being frustrated about it and having it weigh down – I hired someone to help with some of the tasks and things got done! There are lots of resources I hadn’t really thought of and I helped someone in the meantime by offering work as well. Things got done and I can now focus my time on things that mean more to me…I just remembered about the app called thumbtack where you can find people to help you. 

So you KNOW what you can CHOOSE  to do NOW knowing this had manifest… so you can bring that energy to now ... 
Yes I think so – it feels good!!
So what can you commit to doing this week so you can bring this energy even stronger into your life now – feeling even more excited about getting organized and finishing things while feeling excited about being organized already!
I am going to make piles and start to group things together and start my labeling process. I think I will create a key holder first! And remote Doc station so we are not searching for all the remotes. I will create an Inbox and divide it up for Bills and Mail. I will also put up a wall calendar for the family so we all know specific dates for upcoming events, travel and meetings.
OK Great – so for next week we will put these tasks on to COMPLETE! You will finish each one and feel the CALM and EXCITED ENERGIES Of BEING ORGANIZED. Do you want to pick a specific area to focus on – such as the Living Room area with the keys, remote, calendar etc?
Yes – I think that is a good idea – I will start with main things first and if I have extra time, I can work on other areas but for next week I can work on getting those done! That feels good and do-able! I am excited to get it done!

How do you feel about your goal of being organized now?
So much better and easier! I feel like I knew what I had to do but just wasn’t seeing it. I think this will make a big difference! I can't believe how I feel right now...  

OK Let's move on to the next item...

If  you are trying to get organized but find it difficult – go through this exercise yourself.
When I coach people, I can see and read their body language, language patterns, energy shifts in the body and subconscious signs – this allows me to see how the questions are impacting the client. The goal is for the client to realize they have the answers within – as a coach we lead by asking the right questions and supporting and encouraging resolution of subconscious conflicts or negative feelings -- and replacing it with positive ones. This process is a perfect one for this person – for you it may be a different process. You may have completely different feeling about things and other creative ways to getting organized. 

I hope this was helpful for you! If you read thus far - You have noticed the "strategy" behind the process. This is something you can learn as well. These processes are very powerful. We can all achieve our dreams and desires if we learn to look at things from a different perspectives and learn to ask the right questions. 

You can join our Group Coaching calls if you want to check out more of the processes we will be doing. For Personal coaching sessions, please contact me.

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