Depressing BCBS report on Millennial Health outlook and Life Expectancy

The chart on the side is from 2015 that breaks down the Generations by numbers. 

When I saw the Blue Cross Blue Shield "The Economic Consequences of Millennial Health" report - it confirmed some of the things we are all fearing. As a mom , it is impossible but not to worry about what kind of future your kids will be facing. As you look through my website, you will see my concerns with changing environment, intention of people, organizations and institutions and finding a way to reach out to the right people who can make a difference and working together to cut through the BS. 

Millenials and also Gen Z's are facing so many health challenges because our environment and health systems are declining. Doctors don't give a crap about the person but focus on following their "survival" and partnership and guidelines that hurt our communities - at least that is my opinion. how many of you have a doctor that even remembers your name or spends more than 20 minutes during a doctors visit? 

But this report is about the sad news.. 

Our Millenials - born between 1981 - 1996 make up the largest share of the U.S. population and work force. The report shows their health declining faster than average, including mental health, physical conditions, and even hypertension. "Without intervention, millennials could feasibly see mortality rates climb more than 40% compared to Gen-xers at the same age.

Here is a summary from the report 

  1. Millennials are seeing their health decline faster than the previous generation as they age. This extends to both physical health conditions, such as hypertension and high cholesterol, and behavioral health conditions, such as major depression and hyperactivity. Without intervention, millennials could feasibly see mortality rates climb up by more than 40% compared to Gen-Xers at the same age. 
  2. These accelerated declines will result in greater demand for treatment and higher healthcare costs in the years ahead. Under the most adverse scenario, millennial treatment costs are projected to be as much as 33% higher than Gen-Xers experienced at a comparable age. 
  3.  Poorer health among millennials will keep them from contributing as much to the economy as they otherwise would, manifesting itself through higher unemployment and slower income growth. Under the most adverse set of projections, lower levels of health alone could cost millennials more than $4,500 per year in real pe rcapita income compared to similarly aged Gen-Xers. Such impacts would be most likely concentrated in areas already struggling economically, potentially exacerbating instances of income inequality and contributing to a vicious cycle of even greater prevalence of behavioral and physical health conditions. 

If you have kids, this is very sad to read! 

When we look at the Key technology, I think we can see some relations to why some fo these "health" issues may be rising. This chart below doesn't include the "ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS" either. Our water quality, our air quality, our healthcare system, our EMFs and Radiation impacts. 

We need to EDUCATE our Kids and help them! It has to come from letting them know there are different ways to do things, they can take control of their health and environment.  The "trends" and "Fake Reports"  and "unhealthy trends" impact our kids and community and our future grandkids. We need to stand together to help people be aware and support those who are working on exposing these false reports and information.  

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