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International Travel with Apple and Verizon Wireless

Before traveling to Peru, we needed to know our calling options and how it works with Apple and Verizon Wireless. We knew we wouldn’t have access while we were in the Amazon but maybe during backpacking?
We needed something short term and found it with Verizon Wireless called: TravelPass.

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My Top 4 Translation Apps (Peru, here we come!)

I registered for Fluenz and can’t wait to test it out. But in the meantime, I will need something that can help us navigate through a country where we don’t speak the language. So, of course, I decided to search for apps to see what can help us with speaking, understanding, and reading.

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KEEN Adult vs Kid Shoe Size Comparison

My daughter and I decided to get another pair of Keens before our trip to the Amazon. While looking at REI, Dicks, and we noticed kids shoes are cooler – and cheaper! The Keen salesman stated that the kids and adults shoes are actually made pretty similar, just a few design differences.

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