KEEN Adult vs Kid Shoe Size Comparison

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Did you know you can save money on Keen shoes by buying a big kid size instead of an adult size? Keep reading to learn the sizing trick! Watch our video here.

Keen Adult vs Kid Shoe Comparison

My daughter and I decided to get another pair of Keens before our trip to the Amazon. While looking at REI, Dicks, and we noticed kids shoes are cooler - and cheaper! The Keen salesman stated that the kids and adults shoes are actually made pretty similar, just a few design differences. The kids shoes may be more narrow (not as wide as an adult size) – but for my daughter, who has very narrow feet, the shoes were a much better fit. The big kid Keens have an enclosed heel, a blue trim, and velcro around the ankle which I really like! 

One thing to note - you should always try on the kids version to make sure they fit you well. In our case, these are plastic shoes, so the build is the same.

Our big kid size Keens were HALF the price of the adult size - you can get 2 shoes for the price of one or SAVE 50%!!!

Finding Your Size

The main challenge was to figuring out what size KIDS shoes we would need. The Keen salesman taught me how to easily find it. He brought out 2 boxes, one kids and one adult women's and pointed to the European Size. When the European sizes've got a match!

My daughter wears a 6 - 6.5 and I wear 7.5 so we matched our shoe size to a European 37 & 38 and voila!



A Note to Remember

Some shoe manufacturers may size differently so please make sure to check! Keep in mind there may be ½ sizes so I recommend you try it on and make sure you have it right.

I hope you find this Keen adult vs kid shoe comparison interesting and a way to be creative while shopping! Sometimes I find kids items are much cooler than adults – now I don’t have to be limited by the labeling.

Here is a link to Keens shoe size guide, let me know if you find your match!

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