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Circuit Energy Flow 2

Electricity and Energy Flow – Energy does not flow in wires- The Great Misconception

Did you Know Energy Does NOT flow in WIRES! Did you know that people don’t understand how electricity really works exactly! Like most things in Science these days – there are theories about how things work because we currently have no way of measuring or SEEING the level of energy and energetic fields everything around


EMF and Diapers – Protect Your Child

Pamper’s recently released a new “smart” diaper called “Lumi” that contains a wireless activity sensor to track sleep and wetness. The Baby Activity Sensor attaches directly to the diaper and tracks 24/7. The sensor also comes with an HD baby monitor. Both tools connect to a phone app to track baby’s activity.


EMF: Cell Towers at Fairfax County Schools

My husband and I were part of passionate parents concerned over cell tower at Crossfield Elementary school in Herndon VA. I know other parents have concerns over cell phones and potential impacts. Of course, the DESIRE for faster and better Technology seems to pass the impacts on Health.