Bashar’s 5 Principles

Here is a great video to watch. First one is the summary and second one dives more into the details

More detailed version

1. Discover your passion: Find what excites you, what you love, and what sparks your curiosity or attraction.

2. Take action: Act upon your passion and follow the thread, pursuing it to the greatest extent possible. 

3. Release expectations: Trust your higher mind to achieve the desired outcome without attaching yourself to specific expectations. Insistence is resistance.

4. Maintain a positive state: Stay in a state of positivity, knowing that you can benefit from any situation, regardless of the outcome.

5. Address limiting beliefs: Identify and clear out any fear-based beliefs or other limiting thoughts holding you back from fully expressing your passion. Constantly investigate your belief systems. Release & replace the un-preferred beliefs: fear-based beliefs and those not aligning with who you prefer to be.

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