How to get a detailed report of your amazon orders for your taxes, budgeting and verification.

I wanted to share a great feature from for your Tax, Expense Tracking and Budgeting tasks! I found a great way to export the DETAILED ORDER info so you can use it for categorizing your expenses and purchases. 

As you can see below - my Credit card does not have a very good description and even the categories are wrong or it needs to be broken down and some don't have any category but got assigned "Shopping" so in order to create a detailed breakdown of my purchases for the year. I wanted to create a nice report and match the expenses to those categories. 

  1. So Step 1:Log in to your amazon account
  2. Step 2: Go to
  3. Enter in your dates ( in the example below - I entered all of my 2020 purchases) & Generate report
  4. Open the report in Excel and review the categories. 
  5. You can then create a Pivot table and have an awesome category breakdown. 🙂 
Amazon Detailed Order Report

Hope this helps someone out there 🙂 I was very happy to see this report and the amount of detail it provides. You can even breakdown the type of books ( For example: Homeschooling books vs business books vs personal books etc) 

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