Carla L. Rueckert and Law of One

Carloa L. Ruekert is the channeller for Law of One.
This is a great interview with her.

Carla Rueckert was a prominent figure in the spiritual community, known for her channeling work with the entity known as Ra and her involvement in the creation of "The Law of One" material. Here is an outline of her history:

  1. Early Life and Spiritual Awakening:
  • Carla Rueckert was born on July 16, 1943, in Lake Forest, Illinois, USA.
  • In her early years, she showed an interest in spirituality and metaphysics.
  1. Founding L/L Research:
  • In 1962, Carla founded L/L Research (originally known as Rock Creek Research & Development Laboratories, Inc.) along with Don Elkins and James McCarty.
  • L/L Research was created as a non-profit organization dedicated to investigating and researching paranormal phenomena and consciousness.
  1. Encounter with Don Elkins:
  • In 1968, Carla met Don Elkins, a physics professor with an interest in UFOs and the paranormal.
  • Don became interested in Carla's channeling abilities and together they began to explore communication with higher-dimensional entities.
  1. Ra Contact:
  • Starting in 1981, Carla, Don, and Jim McCarty began conducting experiments to communicate with extraterrestrial entities through Carla's channeling abilities.
  • In January 1981, they made their first contact with the entity Ra, who claimed to be a collective consciousness from the sixth density or dimension.
  1. The Law of One Material:
  • Over the course of several years, the group engaged in hundreds of sessions, with Carla channeling Ra while Don and Jim asked questions.
  • The sessions produced a body of spiritual and metaphysical teachings that came to be known as "The Law of One" material.
  • "The Law of One" is a series of channeled transcripts that delve into various topics, including the nature of reality, the evolution of consciousness, and the spiritual journey of individuals and humanity as a whole.
  1. Later Life and Legacy:
  • Carla Rueckert continued her spiritual work and channeling endeavors beyond the Ra sessions.
  • She conducted workshops and shared the teachings of "The Law of One" with a broader audience.
  • Carla passed away on April 1, 2015, leaving behind a legacy of spiritual exploration and profound insights into the nature of reality.
  1. Impact and Influence:
  • "The Law of One" material gained a significant following and has become influential in various spiritual circles.
  • The material continues to be studied, discussed, and referenced by individuals interested in metaphysics, consciousness, and spirituality.

Carla Rueckert's channeling work with Ra and the subsequent creation of "The Law of One" have left a lasting impact on the spiritual community, inspiring seekers and researchers to explore the mysteries of the universe and the nature of consciousness. Her contributions to the field of metaphysics and spiritual exploration continue to be cherished and studied by those seeking greater understanding and enlightenment.

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