3 Finger mummy found in Nazca?

My daughter and I took a month long trip to Peru in May 2019. Nazca lines were one of the stops we experienced. It was not too eventful as we didn't have the time to take the airplane so we can see all the different designs from a different perspective. We did climb the towers and saw the few that you can see. 

Today, I ran across this: 

They actually found 6 mummies with unique characteristics like 3 fingers and no ears etc. These have been mummified without their organs being removed! I wonder how many more there are and what they reveal.


Peru is also known for the BIG Skulls. The country probably holds a lot of treasures like this because it hasn't been "explored" as much. It is an amazing trip to see this country! We were blessed to see all around and experience things that will live with us forever! 

There is a great documentary in Gaia - In spring of 2017,  a group of researchers began a scientific inquiry into the origins of six, three-fingered mummies found in Nazca, Peru.

Preliminary results from tests performed on the largest mummy’s anomalous hands, cross-examined against the rest of the body, revealed no evidence to indicate a hoax. Scientists found the largest mummy, Maria, to be female and carbon dated her at roughly 1,700 years old.

The tedious work of placing the mummies’ DNA in our fossil record, comparing it to modern and ancient humans has begun. As each finding yields more questions, find the latest news here.

The conclusions came as a result of deliberate testing done in the face of Gaia.com’s recent documentary series Unearthing Nazca, which purports to be about the examination of several strange bodies discovered in a tomb near the Nazca Lines in southern Peru.  The documentary makes very little attempt to hide its agenda in convincing the public that these bodies are somehow alien in nature.

Although Gaia.com at least posed the idea that the mummy was an alien as a question, the Disclose.tv web site definitively reported the headline “New Alien Mummy Discovered in Peru Near Nazca Lines.”

The Nazca Lines are a set of geoglyphs (lines drawn by removing rocks and digging up earth) near Nazca, Peru. Some are drawn in the shape of animals (biomorphs) and are between 50 and 1,200 feet long, according to National Geographic. The absence of a single definitive explanation for their origins has prompted speculation that aliens were somehow involved in their creation.

You can read more about it or watch the Gaia documentary - or both! 

Check out our Trip pictures and videos from Peru! It was a life changing experience! 

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