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I am a certified NLP, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapist, Coach  &  trainer. I also have a list of holistic certifications over the past 30+ years - learning from some amazing teachers. Even today, I still learn, grow and discover.  

Most people have a personal experience that pulls them into the alternative/complimentary medicine arena. My journey started when my father was diagnosed with cancer. Actually I should say, a whole new journey started for my whole family! We relocated to be close to Mayo & Cleveland clinic. I was young but determined to "cure" him! He was my world! We both learned a lot of lessons - and it was my entry point into a brand new world!  The discovery of unknown or little known ways, or at least they were at the time - because we didn't have internet at our fingertips! We actually had to go and research, read multiple books, seek experienced professionals, actually travel to places to meet  & learn from them- face to face or with workshops. And everything was costly! And many of you who deal with cancer know how it impacts finances! 

This new world was fascinating and magnetic to me. The discoveries and feelings you experience, it was simply magnetic and magical! On the other hand, I had to focus on the schooling and corporate aspect as we are all trained to do. So I developed a professional side while I pursued the other with the money I was earning. Growing up, I hated school and homework but I would devour books and tapes with such passion that I literally had multiple notebooks and 3 ring binders of notes and mind maps!   

My corporate life was a techy geek job. I started as a temp, making $8/hr running network cables. Soon after I learned to program and became a "Professional and Certified IT Geek.". 

 My background includes 20+yrs in the IT world with a Masters in Network Security. I also followed my father's footsteps and became a college professor. Instead of Structural Engineering and Architecture, I taught Computer security classes ... as well as NLP/Hypnosis, Time-Line Therapy Trainings. I became a BioAcoustics & Brainwave Entrainment Specialist after personal experiences with the amazing world of Sound, Patterns, Frequencies, Vibrations, Pulsed Light Entrainment as well as Sound Health.  I studied NLP & Feng Shui with multiple masters/trainers. I noticed how each person taught differently - and I learned so much from each one. 

I also have a few Marketing Certifications. I was a co-owner of a marketing company. And my husband and I worked together in Real estate as investors and agents. These still pay for my curiosities and drive to learn even more today! 
I am blessed to be able to do all of this with the love & support of my husband and 2 kids! 

Sometimes I felt like I was living 2 lives. The side that pulled me to the unseen, invisible.. and another side that was the "professional" corporate side - as the social responsible worker.  I was drawn and blessed to come across amazing teachers as my journey got me ready for today. 

I led or still lead such an amazing and blessed life, complete with some very hard struggles and challenges! These challenges & down times pushed me to discover new strengths within myself and do things I otherwise would never have done. I transformed the way I look at things early on in my teens and learned to shift my perspective on things with the help of NLP. I can state that the single most valuable thing that transformed my life was NLP & Hypnosis !!  For me, this was and IS THE  gateway,  and from my experience with my clients, it is the gateway to a whole new world for many of us! 

"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change! ".  Sometimes we just need a little assistance to shift perspectives! We ALL do! I don't know a single person that doesn't have a challenge or a drive, a desire to achieve or overcome something. 
NLP & Hypnosis was my #1 step into the world of possibilities! Discovering how I CAN control things with my mind, my thoughts and then seeing the results of it. When you actually see and experience the results, your belief system solidifies! Once this happens, you have entered into the world of POSSIBILITIES & a Magical Life!

I struggled to combine all my experiences into a nice "package" to offer to others. So I decided to put it under the umbrella of  "Healthy Living " - combining Mind, Body, Spirit and Environment with all the skillsets of the professionals but combined with the esoteric, spiritual teachings!

This is my personal twist as I channel most of what I share now.
My passion has shifted into Healthy & Harmonious Living by combining all of these skills.  

I am currently finishing up my Building Biology certifications - which will allow those who need to see & hear the proof of the unseen energies that impact us, as well as subtle energy works at various levels such as BioGeometry, Unified Field theories, Acmos approach and others. 

Since I re-wired and left the corporate world - I can now enjoy my passion fully, connecting with others. My unique skillset and perspectives add a unique approach and value to my clients. 

I enjoy making a difference in people's lives. My passion is to empower people so they can discover all the gifts & power they have to create the life of their dreams!

Spirituality, God, & Metaphysics

My Spiritual path has lead me through lots of adventures and discoveries. We are all born with abilities that sometimes are not accepted by the mainstream. I believe this is due to fear and common way of thinking. We try to follow the herd and "normalize" ourselves not paying attention to our gifts that sparkle inside of us, waiting to be discovered and shared. But we are taught to follow "the herd". Our belief systems are programmed by the help of TV, we are disconnected from God, Cosmos, Earth and even each other with the help of technology. We create our own environment, sometimes against the will of the nature. We fill our mind, body and environment with so much "junk" that sometimes it is hard to discover yourself! Being You! Free Your Mind & Soul, and Connect to all the gifts God and Mother Nature has given us!
I am  big believer in focusing on what you want vs what you don't. We hear nothing but polarization and fear on the news. We need to take care of each other, our family, our kids, our communities, our environment. We can only do that by SHARING our gifts, knowledge and skills! 
My life took me to many different paths. Some were very challenging; financially, emotionally, as a single mom and as a woman. But those struggles were the things I needed to get me to where I am today. I am very blessed for all that I have experienced and learned. My stories help me understand those who may be going through the same challenges. I learned to connect "Back" to God, the Source and my guides and angels. They are all waiting for us to do so. Most of us don't have the patience or the belief that the Unseen is so much more powerful than what we think we see/believe. This year, I will be sharing all my experiences, skills, gifts, stories and discoveries as I transform to a new phase in my life. Below are some of the topics... I am sure God will unfold many more before I am done! Make it a Blessed Day! 

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