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LIME PLASTER- Benefits and Features for healthy home building, renovation and natural home building – that’s been Time-tested for 1000’s of years!

As our world evolves, our need for ancient building technologies should be looked at a lot more closely. These buildings have lasted centuries and are made of materials that are bio-degradable What is Lime?What is Lime Plaster? How is Lime Plaster made?What are the features of Lime Plaster?What can they be used for?What you should know about

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Is LED Lighting good or bad for your health?

We all want lighting and we want efficient, hazard free, environmentally friendly Lights that are also good for us, for our bodies, eyes and environment! It was shocking for me to learn about the hazards of these lights – Please read below . Any changes we make to our enviornment will improve our health!

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