Creating Functional Spaces under staircases

If you are an agent, interior designer, stager or an investor who is looking to MAXIMIZE the value of your property, adding functional spaces in areas can bring in a lot of value!! 

DIY - Under the Staircase - Makeover - Great Video of how you can transform dead space into a functional area! 


  1. Find the studs and Remove Drywall 
  2. You will need to create support for the stairs 
  3. Create the support needed before you remove the existing support. 
  4. Check out required wiring/electrical needed and how you can run it if you will be putting a fridge, lights etc. 
  5. Fun the required wiring, outlets etc.
  6. Outline the framing you will need for your design.  
  7. Finish the walls and floors 
  8. Add your framing and shelves etc. 
  9. Add in your fridge, lights and decorations! 
  10. Enjoy your new space!! 

Here are some more ideas for designs. 

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