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EMF impacts at home

I started on this journey a while back with the cell tower proposal on Crossfield Elementary School in Herdon VA. This was the start of the process for me and my entry into the EMF - Electro Magnetic Fields world! I knew this would be bad but I had no idea how bad.. 

That led me to Geovital and Building Biology. People who are passionate about creating healthy homes so we can create healthier homes and healing environments even if we spend time in mostly unhealthy environments like office buildings etc. 

This is an email I received today and had to blog about it! It shows why the people who are studying with Building Biology Institute do what they do! And though this is just one email - I know all BB specialists will be transforming people's lives! 

See just one of these responses from a Certified EMR Specialist from Building Biology Institute! 

On Jan 27, 2021, at 9:27 PM, Eric Windheim wrote:

Dear friends,

Removing DE, dirty electricity from household wiring can have immediate noticeable health benefits. Here is the actual narrative: you may condense as needed but do not change the facts.

This house had two autistic children: boy 10 yo & daughter 22 yo: both living at the home.

Daughter would not leave home and thrive on her own. Son was not present and was at school.

Both parents were present: the mother was hopeful and the father was doubtful about the value of my assessment.

  • I assessed the house, at 10 am, and it had very High levels of DE (dirty electricity): over 1050 GS units on my Stetzer meter.
  • My Oscilloscope indicated the DE had a voltage amplitude of about 400 mV.
  • My Spectrum Analyzer indicated that the predominant frequency of the DE was 95 kHz, 95 kilohertz: 95,000 cycles per second.
  • Regular 120 volt utility power is 60 cycles per second: 60 Hz.
  • The mother unplugged the LAPTOP computer and the DE level dropped from over 1000 GS units to 42 GS units.
  • The predominant frequency of the DE at 95 kHz COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED on my Spectrum Analyzer.

About 10 seconds later the autistic 22 yo daughter, in her pajamas, came out of the back bedroom and exclaimed this verbiage. I did not know she was in the house until this moment.

Daughter: “Mom I need to talk with you”

Father: "Not now we are in a meeting”

Daughter: “Dad it is really very important”

Father: “Ok, what?”

Daughter: “The pressure in my head just stopped”

Father: “When?”

Daughter: "About 15 seconds ago”

Father: “OK Eric, what do we do to solve this?” He was visibly unsure of me until this point.

Eric: “Keep that laptop OFF until you get a new one that does not create DE”.

NOTE: Six canaries in a large bird cage were very agitated, squawking loudly, flying & banging into the walls of the bird cage: they appeared very scared and alarmed.

They became totally silent and sat calmly on the perches once the DE was reduced from over 1050 GS to 42 GS.

The parents noticed this and were amazed.

Two weeks later I got this email from the grateful mother as below:

"Hello Mr. Windheim,

Just want to update you on the changes we have done since you coming to our home on Labor Day. We began turning off the power in both our children's rooms, got rid of our son's Nintendo game, had AT&T connect a home phone and disable Wi-Fi from our modem which I further disabled it at my end since their no Wi-Fi modem did not work when I tried to connect it. We had a communications person come to our home and install ethernet cables in four of our rooms and we've kept the new desktop off 95% of the time.

Our daughter has felt as if stress and weight has been lifted off her body and now it can heal. She has had more energy and her mind does feel clearer plus I told you last time we spoke that even the birds were very quiet.

I will get the video up on Youtube

See Link:https://youtu.be/cSkjEGNNtuQ

See before and after photos below.


Eric Windheim BA, EMRS, BBEC

Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist

Certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant

Office: 916-395-7336
Sacramento Ca

Jenny Martins

UI/UX Designer

If you have symptoms that doctors can't seem to remedy - or if you have gone from specialist to specialist, look at your environment and find the people who can investigate your environment!

EMF impacts at home

I look forward to educating and helping others about EMF! My certification process still continues as I aim to complete all 3 certifications with Building Biology Institute - https://buildingbiologyinstitute.org/

Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist™ (EMRS)

Building Biology Environmental Consultant™ (BBEC)

Building Biology New-Build Consultant™ (BBNC)

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