Conspiracy or Revelation? Who Controls us and how

Human Kind Get Off Your Knees

I have always been one that didn't enjoy following the crowd just because everyone else did. It seemed no one really challenges things and when they do, they are labeled !

I got this lesson very early in my childhood - but that is another story for another blog post. I am in the process of homeschooling my son and teaching him to challenge things and go within to see what resonates TRUE with who he is. Understanding who influences us and why we are motivated to do things is another eye opening experience.  

When you understand HOW you are controlled ( What kind of FEAR?) You realize WHO controls you.  

When. you realize YOU HAVE THE POWER to not have this FEAR control you.. You open up an ENTIRE NEW WORLD  FULL of Possibilities and Energies! 

If you do not think that there are people, organizations and energies who influence you - and me - and all of us - we are more ignorant than we realize. But if you step back and step out of your belief system and challenge what YOU believe in - just so you grow from the experience.  It changes your mental programming.

I do this often - I challenge myself that what I believe in today is WRONG - What if you find out what you believe in was proved to be WRONG? Pick any topic - and challenge yourself. 

 Change your motivation factor from FEAR to PLEASURE - Change your energy and your world changes! You can choose to resonate with What we all want vs what we fear - TODAY! We can all together create a Bright Future for ourselves, our kids and Mother Earth and the Universe.. 

You don't have to agree with everything a person says or believes in.. Your truth may be different and only resonate with certain aspects. Realize this and you will understand how we all create our own realities. 


David Icke has been challenging the main stream thinking with his ideas and views! He may have provided information to people when they were not ready to hear it but now.. 30 years later - after being ridiculed and made fun of on every front - he stuck to his beliefs and understandings - and now... we can see it! You can decide to believe it or not - at minimum - challenge your thinking. See if you can see the other sides view - even if it is uncomfortable.  When we can look at and listen to things with open minds - and understand where and how they come to the conclusions they come - it will help you evolve your thinking! 

Think for yourself - Ask yourself what resonates true with you! Who you chose to believe and follow is up to you. Some will not think the same way as others - unfortunately in our society - they are "cancelled" "shunned" and publicly ridiculed.  

30 Years ago he revealed things that were "CRAZY" and "CONSPIRACY THEORIES" - one problem - they are HERE NOW! For those who followed his information - you can see how they have revealed themselves and how they continue to do so - even today.

Just watch and keep an open mind. What if it is true... 

Stefann Bastiats

Almost everything he has said 30 years ago has come true...absolutely mind blowing. How is he still labeled a conspiracy theorist?

Jonathan Bernardi

There is no longer theory in all these conspiracies. Just look around, hard facts everywhere.


I wish he was wrong but unfortunately he is not! Call him a “conspiracy theorist” all you want doesn’t change the fact he is saying the truth!

Elizabeth Edwards

He's not a conspiracy theorist. He's a critical thinker. The term conspiracy theorist is a label created by these in power to label someone mad so no one listens to them, if he wasn't telling the truth why would they need to silence him? Why censor him? Why remove any trace of him from the internet and social media!!! Thank you David, for showing up, for speaking the truth and leading the way. You are a brave man. Extremely fascinating to listen to. Thank you for giving humanity hope.


"The worse thing about slavery is that the slaves eventually get to like it."  - Aristotle

Gareth De Bruyn

The LEGEND that opened my eyes when I was 25. Taught me about Problem - Reaction - Solution. Create the problem, to generate a reaction, to provide a premade solution. Anybody still calling this man a conspiracy theorist and not a TOP tier researcher doesn't understand the world they live in.

Henrique Custodio

30 years ago he was a conspiracy theorist, today he is a visionary ahead of his time. David is a great man with incredible courage and life purpose. Unfortunately, the masses have payed attention too late.

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