Pain – the journey continues

When you have someone you love in pain and modern medicine doesn't seem to have any solutions other than pain killers - where do you go? 

I learned the hard way how pain can impact your life. I have had a few challenges with pain where it lead to me to learn about different things. But this is different. This is on a family member who is 93 and has had mini strokes. She has hip pain and pain from the stroke.

So I started with asking my doctor, functional medicine and energy healing groups with options on a fragile body. I take these as a missions!

During my journey - I learned a lot about dealing and handling my pain, but when it is someone else, you need to consider what they can handle and their current condition.

There are lots of  "things" and gadgets that can be 'tried" but how do you offer that to someone who is in her fragile condition?

Can PEMF help - It is too painful for her to lay on the hard surface?  Can we use the Pad on her back while sitting up because it is too heavy to put on her body.  Do we start with balancing her meridians?  

Energy work using Acmos method
BioGeometry signatures and energy balancing
Laser/Light therapy to help her with some light energy.
Homeopathic remedy making..
Lifewave X39 and ice patches?
Can Hydrogen water and HHO browns gas help? 
Resonance - Frequency Specific Microcurrent therapy - FSM?

How do you find a solution for an elderly when you are not there?

This is the challenge I have right now that must be solved! Watching someone in pain is not an option! There is a solution!

Today I decided to investigate and combine a bunch of these. Lack of sleep from traveling is not allowing me to focus or meditate without falling asleep. I will keep you guys updated on my trials and solution.

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