Sacred Geometry and Golden Ratio

Human DNA and Golden Ratio

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I ran into this video this morning and I had to share. The creator offers drawing classes! This is something I am looking as part of Homeschooling for my son! He is learning BioGeometry - as well as Vibrational Modalities! I am so happy that we decided to homeschool him! My father was a college professor and so was I. I have my Masters and I would have never thought I would ever feel like I do about today's  educational system!  This is an excellent way for kids to not only learn about Math but about the beauty of nature, the power of creation and the forces that are all around us. The beautiful patterns of everything! How they interact and create... Below you will find his info and all HIS Links! Spreading the Divine Light...

Sacred Geometry All Around Us

If you take your kids outside and show them the amazing creations we have all around us, you will notice the patterns. These patterns are not only on what we can see around us but also in energies that we don't see! We swim in energies every second. We create and contribute to these energies with our thoughts, movements, feelings and bodies. 

Fruit Patterns

Discover the patterns in the foods you eat! This is a great way to get the kids engaged and seeing the beauty in Mother Nature's creations! These gifts and foods we are given - notice the different patterns and see how Each one is DIFFERENT!  

Dearing Wang Drawing

What a great way to get the kids to draw these patterns

There are people who argue that this Golden Ratio is not in existance because they can find people who do not have these proportions. For those I would say - "You will find what you are seeking!" If you want to fight and argue against things - that is your choice. What you decide to spend. your energy on determines what you manifest

Human DNA and Golden Ratio

These amazing patterns are all around us and how we interact with them creates even more patterns. I have a cymatics machine and we have done a lot of Cymatics sessions in our Virginia meetup group. We created different shapes with all kinds of materials and frequencies and wave types. This is a great visual to see the patterns you may not be able to think of. Then think of what kind of music you listen to and how it may be impacting not only your body, energy field, mind but also everything around you!

Scientists use Spectrometers ( measurement of light) to determine what type of materials are in things. They also use it to see these patterns and how they interact differently. Each "thing" has it's own properties, characteristics, light, energies and colors! We need to teach these to our kids!

Ancients knew these patterns. They also knew "As Above So Below" - We are not only impacted by our environment but the Cosmic Energies of all the planets! We also impact cosmos with what we are doing. Ancients knew these but today, we are told to separate from all of this! We live inside, cover our bodies in sunscreen, we wear plastic shoes so we never connect with mother earth! Then wonder why we are so sick. 

If you have kids or even an audience  - share this with them. Get them curious about these energies that are all around us. We do not need to be able to Measure everything for them to exist! You can develop senses and abilities to be able to connect and feel these energies. Expand your Senses... Expand your Self... Help your kids discover that they have an entire universe within themselves!

His name is :  Dearing Wang. - click on the video above to visit his youtube channel

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"Geometric Art has fascinated me for a long time in many ways and in this video I wanted to demonstrate how geometric form connects the different layers of our realities and I wanted to inspire you to reflect upon the connections that are demonstrated in this video.It has been a long journey leading up to this video. This introduction video summarizes my understanding of Geometric Design & Art. Something that I wanted to do for a long time but was not yet capable of because of the vast amount of information related to this knowledge. I have finally finished a part of the challenge. Yet it essentially is nothing more than a short introduction of this subject.And this video is also in many ways an introduction to the course that I have been working on called "Journal Series'."

 If you are interested in signing up for the course then you can sign up for the course on the website below the video.

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** These are all his links and he may receive commission or kickbacks. It is good to support people when they take the time to create such beautiful art and share their passion and energies with the world! Even if you don't take his course, you can link to purchase items from his links so he can benefit 🙂
Spread the Divine Energy you have in you with others!

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