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For those who may read some of Michael X's books about venusians, the stone he is referring to in his books is a Gemstone called ULEXITE (Telolith): 

"...placing psychic gems (Telolith and Lapis Lingua) directory over those centers and exerting a mild pressure with my hands. I then Visualize a white beam of light shining from the center of my forehead towards Venus..."

What is Ulexite (Telolith)?

Ulexite is the stone of clairvoyance, as it assists in opening the door leading into inter-dimensional planes of existence. It vibrates at various frequencies, which allows one to connect and interact with beings from higher planes, such as extraterrestrials, spirit guides, and other entities.

  • Ulexite activates latent intuitive abilities.
  • Ulexite can quicken mental processes, which will grant one with the ability to answer complex problems without much effort. Carrying a piece of this stone will grant one with an enhanced memory.
  • Chakra(s): Third-Eye (Activates & Stimulates)
  • Vibration(s): 8 & 33
  • Element: Wind
  • Zodiac: Gemini
  • Energies: Power Transformation Spiritual Grounding
  • Protection: Against Psychic Attack
  • Stimulates: Creativity, Mental Agility, Telepathy, Intuition, Inner Vision, Remote Viewing, Imagination, Clairvoyance
  • Connection With Higher Beings & Spiritual Truth

Metaphysical Properties

  • Helps open the inner eye to far seeing.
  • Opens the gates into inter-dimensions where interaction with beings of higher planes can occur
  • Sensitizes the self to the field of consciousness around and beyond the body
  • Assist in sensing, reading and perceiving the energies and intentions of others
  • Amplifies the power and volume of ones thought projections
  • Enables one to correctly interpret visions from psychic information
  • Aids in perceiving beings of other realms (fairies, gnomes, sylphs, devas, etc)
  • Unblocks psychic and physical vision
  • Helps one sort out their emotions

Healing Properties

  • Strengthens Eyesight
  • Helps Overcome Eye Fatigue/Double Vision

Other Properties

Don't Mistake it to SELENITE - it is NOT Selenite. Chemically, Ulexite is a (boron) borate, whereas selenite (a variety of gypsum) is a sulfate.

Ulexite can form fibrous aggregates with the single fibres in strictly parallel order. A piece of massive ulexite, sawn flat and polished perpendicular to the growth direction of the fibres, somewhat behaves like a fibre optic device. When you put it onto a printed page and look through, the letters will appear as if they were on the top surface of the ulexite piece. Dealers call this a 'TV effect'.

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