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Have you ever wanted to learn to live by the Moon? Join us for a March Moon Meetup where we will discuss MOON CYCLES and MANIFESTING with MOON CYCLES.

We will go through:

  • The ENERGIES our Moon projects onto earth and each of us.
  • How it impacts every living organism.
  • Why the Moon is responsible for so many things on our earth like the Seasons, Tides...
  • The linking and interaction with ASTROLOGY and how ancients have utilized it's powers.
  • Some other interesting Theories as well that may challenge our beliefs.
  • We will focus on how to utilize the cycles and also the interaction with Astrological signs to help us manifest, get in tune and connect with the cycles of energies.
  • What to Manifest when, when is a good time to do certain things, how to track these easily on your mobile phone!

We have created calendars and other information sheets that will be available for those who may want it. You can also bring or make your own! This Moon Meetup will be in Ashburn in a REMAX Meeting Office. It has great space and a projection screen, and is also a closed area where we can share & learn. Please join us from 10AM - 12PM.

For more Information and Meetups, Visit:

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