Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and Your Home

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What are Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)?

Electromagnetic fields ( EMF or EM Fields) are physical fields produced by moving electrically charged objects. The field can be viewed as the combination of an invisible Electrical Field and a Magnetic Field of force.

Why Choose Us?

Our goal is to help our clients and their families create a safer, sacred home where they can rest and heal from the increasing EMF radiation in our world. We offer services to help our community - not for a profit.

EMF Services

We offer EMF services to aid our clients in creating a safer, sacred home. I offer EMF Assessments as part of my Real Estate services for my clients and also offer FREE assessments for Veterans and special needs families.

Bedroom or Full Home Assessment

We focus on Bedrooms as our #1 area because this is where your body rests, heals and rejuvenates. We will discuss mitigation options and different approaches. If you decide to purchase and implement our affiliated products, we will offer a Free Re-Inspection of the areas to ensure effective mitigation.

New Construction Home Assessment

If you are building a new home and would like to take proactive approach to limit EMF’s - this is for you. The same process can be completed for Remodeling projects.

Pre-Purchase Assessment

Assess the EMF's of a property before purchasing. We do not have permission from the owner to fully inspect the home, so we will only measure EMF's you have no control over. While we cannot tell you "don't or do buy this home" we can help you understand what to expect. 

Office or School Assessment

If you are concerned about your office area or child's school, we can do an EMF assessment and discuss mitigation options. Certain permissions will be required for school and other public locations.

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