Electricity and Energy Flow – Energy does not flow in wires- The Great Misconception

Circuit Energy Flow 2

Did you Know Energy Does NOT flow in WIRES! Did you know that people don't understand how electricity really works exactly! Like most things in Science these days - there are theories about how things work because we currently have no way of measuring or SEEING the level of energy and energetic fields everything around us emits! And for most people, if you can't see it or measure it - it doesn't exist! But that doesn't mean it doesn't! As a matter of FACT - there are so many "Levels" of these energies around us! If Science and Spirit (uality) came together - I believe we can explore and expand into so much more! There are active energies are all around us - responding to cause and effect or responding to resonation! 

Studying BioGeometry along with Building Biology, I am exposed to these concepts from 2 different perspectives. One focuses on the unseen and the powers and measurements of these energies and the latter only focuses on what can be measured with the current "Meters" we have to be able to demonstrate to clients what is around us. It is because most people believe things when they see it. Even though they can also learn to see subtle energies - most people don't spend the time to learn to develop these skills. Unfortunately - OUR BODIES and CELLS do not follow the meter methodology - they respond at subtle levels. 

I found this awesome video on Electricity and Misconceptions about How and Where the Energy flows! Did you know that most people think "Electricity flows through wires" -  I bet if you asked a group of people, most would say the energy flows through the wires - but in reality - there are fields created. Some we can measure and some we can't. The video below shows a great animation of what he believes happens and explains the fields - Both information and energy flow!  Wonderful Video!

My son and I watched this ( as part of his homeschooling!) These are the types of things we need to be able to teach our kids. They can understand the amazing world we live in and how one thing is not just one thing. We are all connected and what we do impacts more than just one thing, one person..  But I am off at a tangent, so let me get back to ELECTRICITY... 


Most people do not know that there are different types of Energies and Information fields around us. When we look at EMF's - Electro Magnetic Fields - there are Electric Fields, Magnetic Fields and if you add in the Cellular/Wifi on top of these We add in the Radio Frequency Waves as well as others. ( Like Geopathic stress - Earth's Magnetic fields, Curry and Hartmann Lines and even planes and more) I am sure I have lost you by now with all these but hang in there.. It is only to demonstrate the fact that there are other INFORMATION FIELDS around us and we are swimming in them! This is why people thinking these do not impact us - really need to think twice! Everything around us IMPACTS US - PERIOD!! I don't care if we don't have ways to measure it or if we don't have double blind studies that is peer reviewed by some guy who may or may not feel like agreeing! Or someone who has been paid off by various organizations!  You be the Meter! 

For basics of Electricity and how Electricity is delivered to our homes - visit my page on EMFs. 

This video shows how Energy does not flow through the wires but instead through the fields around the wires! 

Battery Eneregy Flow
Battery Energy Flow 2
Battery Energy Flow 3
Circuit Energy Flow
Circuit Energy Flow 3
Circuit Energy Flow 2

I will do a video on this a little later but this video above is excellent in explaining the basics of how electricity is delivered to our homes. If you can spend the time to understand Direct Current and Alternating Current - you will understand how Tesla knew this! ( If you don't know about Tesla - you should definitely research!) 

We utilize this info every single day - with our cell phones, medical industry and government. 

Understanding this concept is key to creating a harmonious environment and also harmonious equipment! 

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