Geomancy – What Feng Shui and Vastu May Miss!

Geomancy - What Feng Shui & Vastu May Miss

I became interested in Feng Shui a long time ago, but didn’t realize there were different “types of Feng Shui”. I took certification and training classes from 4 different masters and a few years later when I was working with a client, I noticed that no matter what we did in a specific area the issues for the kids didn’t seem to change. This lead me to discover Geomancy and Geopathic Stress. This was the answer for my client! The effects were so fast and noticeable that I believe doing this alone would have helped them more than anything.

Even after many classes, none of my Feng Shui masters covered Geopathic Stresses, or how to find, analyze, and remedy them. One offered it as a separate training which of course I took later. And so my research began.

Geopathic Stress

The challenge of the client above was a blessing because it led me to discover GEOMANCY, a form of earth healing with variants in traditional cultures around the world. Geomancy takes into account that there is more to the world than we can perceive with our five senses. Just as with mind/body medicine, geomancy addresses not only the physical causes of distress or imbalance in a home or a landscape, but the energetic ones as well. If you are familiar with Acupunture and the Meridians, you may be familiar with the issues that can arise when there is a blockage of energy or too much yang/yin energy. 

The physical environment is also interlaced with and supported by energetic layers, currents, grids and vortices, like the meridians and chakras within our own bodies. These environmental lines and grids can be distorted by various factors including water pathways or man made influences like new construction, new pipes, electrical and water lines, or any disturbing of the earth. This distortion can impact homes, animals, and even you may feel the symptoms.

Other Events & Energetic Feelings

Activities in the physical world leave an imprint in the subtle world. Historical events, especially traumatic or strongly emotional ones, can create static place memories that can keep a place energetically stuck in the past. There are even ghosts and other non-physical beings, human and otherwise, whose presence can have all kinds of effects, for good or ill.  

Have you ever walked into a home or a location where for no logical reason you just hated it - it just felt weird, awkward, or bad to you? Or maybe just the opposite, you felt you belonged in a place that was a complete surprise to you? I had buyers who told me they walked into a brand new home development they fell in love with online.  When they went to visit the model home, they told me their hair stood up behind their neck. After digging around they found out the land was an old Ancient Indian burial ground! If you tune in, you will feel! Even if you don’t consciously tune in, your body is already sensing it. Notice things like headaches, pains, and other signals. Pay attention to your body and spirit because they are always trying to communicate with you!

Geomancy is AWESOME & magical! It can lead to some very interesting awareness of the energies of the earth. It is used for everything from human illnesses, to animals, to crop yields in farming, business location analysis, new construction analysis, or even water location.

Geomancy Tools & Dowsing

There are various tools and techniques used. The one that is the easiest is dowsing! Some of the stories work miracles that defy science and logic. It is easy, simple and you can do it yourself! Even if you are a skeptic, try it! It may be just the thing to open your mind.

Geomancy is about tapping into your subconscious or super-conscious part of your mind/energetic field and collaborating with spiritual, earth, angelic, and other non-physical partners, to tap into the energies of the earth. You enter into an in-between place where the material, subtle, and spiritual worlds meet and mingle with the signs of energies.

Dowsing is such a simple and great way to tap into the subtle energies around you. Anyone can so this! I often encourage people to have their kids test it out so they can start to be aware of the energies of the earth around us. Dowsing opens a whole new world beyond what could be apprehended by the physical senses. It allows awareness to grow and this is always our goal!

Geomancy in the Home

Geomancy, essentially, is about clearing, blessing, and enhancing the energy in our homes and landscapes to bring about greater harmony and wholeness. Even more, it is about cultivating a conscious, loving relationship with the collective intelligence of the living Earth.

Your home is your most sacred place! Our energetic relationship with our home, yard, and neighborhood is one of our most important and primary relationships. This is where you will spend years! The walls of your home will be embedded with the love and happiness of your family. At the same time, it will be there to support you during the challenges.

My Thoughts & Blessings

The way we live, it’s hard not to feel as if our relationship with Earth is irreparably broken. Unfortunately, a lot of environmental activism is fueled by fear and anger. We hear predictions that are grim, suggesting that much of the damage is irreversible, which adds a layer of hopelessness to the anxiety and shame many of us already struggle with. The irony is that such emotions are toxins in the subtle worlds, where they can create even more imbalance.

If you know me at all or have attended any of my trainings, you will hear me, repeatedly say “there is so much MORE POWER in the UNSEEN vs seen” and it is THERE FOR YOU TO TAP IN TO. As a matter of fact, it is WAITING & WANTING TO HELP YOU!  We do not have to deal with this alone. No matter what knowledge and skills we bring to certain challenges, far greater transformations are possible when we join forces with helpers in the unseen realms.

I am here to change that as much as I can! Everything you think and do, no matter how little, will impact the quantum field, people, and Earth. The fact that you are reading this so far is proof that I many have changed at least one more mind or at minimum created the curiosity to investigate more. It is my belief that information and blessings find the people who are seeking it. So if you are reading this, there is a reason! 

I send you all the blessings with each and every word so that it may bring you the answers and blessings you are seeking! 🙂 

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