Water Only Fasting and What happens to your body

I met up with a new friend of mine at a local coffee shop to talk about Healthy Living and EMF. We had an awesome time sharing our stories - which were very similar! It was great to meet someone who is on the same wavelength! Then I found out she is a Vegan Chef as well! Well Ask and You Shall Receive! Then came the 3rd "sign" - she is doing a 21 day Water Only Fast!! 


So I started my Intermittent Fasting Habit to get my body back to "balance". My husband and I did  the 3D scan of all our organs, heart and Virtual colonoscopy to get a good intake of where we both are before we start to make plans. After all we need to make sure we are not going to have any surprises as we begin our adventures! During that scan, there were a few things I need to take care of such as an enlarged spleen etc. I have had a lot of bleeding episodes due to Menapause and hormonal imbalances - so after spending thousands of dollars on doctors visits, tests and scans - I finally decided to take control of my own health and go inwards! Praying, Meditating and releasing the "Stuff" out of my life - has been amazing. It is still a process as I release, pack-up and enter into a new phase in our lives... 


I have been doing intermittent fasting for over a month now and I have noticed that I don't feel hungry, my taste buds have changed and I feel more in control. It was a bit tough the first week because I had horrible habits of snacking and eating especially at night. I would be constipated and sluggish in the morning.  But now, I wake up feeling great! I also cleared my bedroom from EMF's as much as possible and have a good habit of putting my phone on Airplane mode now as well. Next removal is the TV but that has not happened yet! 


My goal is to be able to do a water only fasting to help my vision, my hearing, my brain and my organs! I have my own chemistry analyzer so I can do my own "monitoring" and I am excited to be able to do this. I don't know how long I will do it for yet. I am still doing some research but today, I watched a video  you will find below that outlines some amazing benefits of water only fasting! 

I so appreciate this Dr's breakdown of what happens in your body within the 72 hours!

Check out what happens when you take food out of the equation - She also has a cool chart she offers but I haven't been abel to find it ( link is broken) 
She starts off talking about the Insulin Spikes we have when you eat High Carb Meals. I don't know about you but I crash after eating carbs which is not a good sign! 

@ 12 hrs of fasting - Growth hormone kicks in
@ 13-15 hrs of fasting - Burning energy from fat, ketones start to go up
@ 17 hrs of fasting - Autophagy, Self-detox
@ 24 hrs of fasting - Stem cell production
@ 24 hrs of fasting - Intestinal stem cells are starting to regenerate
@ 24 hrs of fasting - More BDNF which is Brain fertilizer ( I need lots of this!) 
@ 24 hrs of fasting - Inflammation starts to go down
@ 36-48 hrs of fasting - WEIGHT LOSS - Good for weight loss resistant, GABA production
@ 36-48 hrs of fasting - Neurons are regenerating
@ 72 hrs of fasting - Stem cell production,
@ 72 hrs of fasting - Boost your immune system
Also... Fasting recalibrates dopamine receptor sites!!!

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My friend is a great motivator and a role model! I am getting my body and my mind ready to start a water only fast!! STAY TUNED....

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