Salt Lamps, Negative Ions…What are we told to believe?

I ran into this video today that I really enjoyed. This is a guy:

  • who explains negative ions
  • how they occur in our environment
  • then talks about the benefits of the negative ions on our health
  • He has a SALT Lamp tested by an ION expert of 55 years
  • He also has the Air Ionizer tested and how it creates Ozone
  • So is the PLACEBO effect working or is there some truth to these things??

Very entertainment video! I enjoyed it!

The Salt Lamp on a spiritual level is believed to attract and absorb negative energy. We unfortunately see a lot of different gadgets we purchase because we are TOLD of some benefits of a crystal, rock or a gadget with no way of really proving and knowing.

This goes to the EMF gadgets as well and I am going to be doing more videos and testing as much as we can so we can  1st – save you money and time  2nd – help you implement solutions that we can feel, notice and get us healthier!

Placebo effect is HUGE! So BELIEF in something is a huge part of the process. If it works for you, keep believing!

Afterall the result is the impact.. how we get there is irrelevant.!

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