Vision board – Goal Board creation and activation session

Hello Members,

Well it is NEW Moon and we are ready to plant the seeds of our goals, dreams and desires in our Vision Boards. You may have heard of these boards sometimes referred to as Goal Board or Vision Boards. I call mine something different but whatever you want to refer to them as, they work and they are a great way to prove to yourself how Law of Attraction works!

I have a specific Process that I like to follow that has always worked for me. I have tweaked this process and still continue to add different things when I feel they add value.

During this session we will we will do/experience the following things:

1- What is a Vision Board/Goal Board

2- How does it work – both from a scientific and spiritual perspective

3- How can you tap into the power of a Vision Board

4- Energizing your Board

5- Creating your board

6- Utilization of different techniques to “energize” with ongoing basis

7- Journal and tracking – certain things that happen may not make sense and at the time you may not connect them until later..

8 – Taking Action and noticing Results

Join me for a great sharing session. We will start with a presentation, then we will do ACTIVATION techniques. You can bring your pictures, sayings if you would like to start to create things at the location.

Before our meeting, spend some time to outline your ULTIMATE goals – write down EVERYTHING ‘YOU’ would like to accomplish, have, be. Let your mind go – This is something for you to do in private – not shared so go crazy! Bring your notes with you – we will discuss Goals and Dreams.


Location may change depending on # of attendees. Please RSVP if you are going to bring your kids. My 11 year old will be attending 🙂 It is a great process to do with your kids.

This session is FREE – You will need to bring your own materials – I will send an outline of the materials I use, if you would like to purchase.

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