Hydrogen Gas vs Ozone

What is Ozone Therapy? Ozone gas, ozonated water

I got introduced to ozone a few years back and was so excited as I learned and studied the various Ozone therapies! The potential of what it can do was so overwhelming - I was disheartened to find out how the tech & medical industry was publishing all kinds of garbage out there and threatening and labeling doctors who have utilized them effectively for decades!!!But this seems to be the norm these days! You will read more about my experience in the medical industry below.  I think this is all in the transformation mode as we, ( those of us who have awakened to the reality of the medical industry approaches or if you are starting to be out of resonance with the energies emitted from these profit hungry pharmaceutical companies and looking for more holistic ways to heal yourself and the world). 

Ozone is 03 - it is "activaed oxygen" as I like to call it.
Ozone therapies are expanding. Ozone is being used in various industries today and has been for decades - like water systems, hospitals, farming etc!!! Overseas, the ozone therapies have been studied and utilized for decades by doctors and researchers all around.   

Fact is that the medical industry do not find "Root Causes of issues". They do not approach the body as a "Wholistic organism" and instead take it apart and create "experts" in each area. Solutions are surgical or chemical based - supporting the pharmaceutical industry's research as they create more and more chemicals to sell to us. Don't get me wrong - I don't think all medicine is bad or wrong - we need to work on a whole-istic -holistic approach and transform the medical industry into a holistic approach. Ancients created medicine from mother earth because they knew and understood mother earth has the healings. She detects what is happening to her children (all of us) and creations.. she will create an herb, a flower that will heal the issues faced by her children. ( See my Gaia Garden book). But unfortunately many of us are separated from mother earth with roads, pipes, cement, electrical wires that run through our floors.  We are disconnected! 

OZONE has been utilized by hundreds of doctors and researchers around the world in many industries and in many ways. I love the potential of what it offers for people, animals, plants and even to help with healing mother earth.

As with everything - you will need to do some research and understand the process. Anything in excess is not good and can be deadly!. Ozone can be deadly just like water can be deadly! It is not the item but the dose and how, when and why it is used. It also depends on the person. One dose may not be the same for the other! This is where radiesthesia can come in handy 🙂 

My Research in finding the Ozone system

I did a lot of research after reading a bunch of books and taking trainings online.  I found Longevity and promolife to be the best options for me. In my opinion, they offered the best systems as well as the most complete sets. Of course I have not utilized any other systems so I can’t speak for others and I’m not saying that others are bad,  it is just from my research  and what I was looking for at that time! These two companies seem to stand out as the best companies for my choices.

What do look for when you are looking for an Ozone system

I wanted to be able to depend on a company with good customer support who can guide me through the different options since ozone can be utilized in so many different ways. It’s easy to sell systems but it is another thing to find a company that focuses and specializes in the specific type of treatment that you’re looking for. Promolife seemed to offer the most amount of "systems" with the instructions and support I liked! You could utilize the same system for many different therapies! They have everything from dental attachments to full body bag treatments - Far Infrared Saunas with Ozone infusion to Ozonated oil making sets and water systems for washing off the pesticides and creating sanitizing water for home cleaning! Of course they have the regular rectal insufflations etc as well. And their list keeps growing!

Why I started with Ozone?

I had dental work done when I was younger, which led to a Toxic reaction to the metals that were used. It started to get very bad, with sores and reaction to metals anywhere on my body. The Heavy Metal Toxicity was at it's worst when I sought help. The mental fog and the impacts it was making on my body was intense and I had no idea how intense at that time. I was on a downward spiral.

I ended up with a dentist who made my life even worse - but that is another story!  I ended up finally finding another dentist that helped me heal through this process. It was expensive but as we all learn, health  is not cheap if you are sick!

So doing my own research - I realized that removing metals from my mouth was just one part of the equation. I still had reactions in my body and heavy metals in my body and tissues. So I started to research for ways to detoxify the heavy metals.

I came across Ozone, detoxing and gluthione therapies. I spent quite a long time taking lessons, talking to people and trying to understand the best protocol for myself.  

What you need to do and understand

It is my recommendation that you do your own research. I started with all my symptoms written down. I knew my issues. I was meditating on how I can connect with my body and the spiritual realms to seek the best possible solutions to cleanse, to safely and effectively detox my blood & tissues & systems from all the heavy metal toxicity and other chemicals I had been exposed to .

You need to make sure to get your DETOX ORGANS in shape before you decide to do any type of detox!!  There are some great book on this and I have a blog on this and a video. The reason you want to make sure your detox organs are healthy and ready to help you detox is so you don't get sick-er. Think about a pipe - if it is clogged up and you are now pushing more "crap" down..it is going to be overwhelmed and back up - all that crap will end up in your blood or tissues or organs - making things worse and overwhelming your body! So you want to make sure your detox systems are cleansed and ready!! Take some good supplements, do some intermittent fasting or mini detoxes for each of your detox organs!

One of the things that I purchased last year was a FirInfrared sauna with ozone attachment. I used the Farinfrared to sweat out the toxins easily through my skin. You can research more about this and there is a great detox book on Sauna Detox which has been utilized ot detox the 911 first responders ! Sauna Detoxification using Niacin  - great Book!!

Enter Hydrogen Therapy!

This past year I found hydrogen therapy and started doing a lot of research on the benefits of hydrogen, specifically browns gas as well as hydrogen water. Many, many years ago I was introduced to Kangen water but at the time I could not afford to purchase the water system. Two years ago I purchased the Tyvent water system, but hate to admit that it is still in the box waiting to be installed due to the fact that we moved to a new home and have not had the system installed.

Browns Gas - Molecular Hydrogen, HHO

While doing my hydrogen research I came across the aqua cure system from George Wiseman from eagle search LLC.  Not only did I immediately resonate with him,  he is in Buffalo NY, where I used to live!

I purchased the AquaCure system soon after I read the book on hydrogen therapy from Dr. Mark Sircus with a great discount!

The book was amazing ! Dr. Mark Sircus provided a lot of details that resonated with me ! Of course he is a doctor that I had been following on the holistic healthcare implementation. So I trust his research and personal,  amazing experiences with the hydrogen therapy!

I purchased a aqua cure system for about a month and a half so far! I started off pretty light to get my body used to a new form of Gas - Brown's Gas! I wasn't quite sure what to expect but I was hopeful and had faith in the process.

George Wiseman is one of the top researchers in this field and one man YOU can trust! He has very specific levels that are based on your lung size  which I appreciate! I was not able to find this info anywhere else.  I consider George Wiseman to be  One of the top researchers in this field and feel very blessed to have found him.

So the month and a half that we have been using it in our house I feel like my lungs have completely cleared up. I grew up with coal burning being the method of heat. And I can honestly tell you that my lungs have never felt as light as they do today. Growing up I would usually get some kind of a bronchitis or the flu during the seasonal changes like clockwork. The mucus and inflamation was just a part of my life. That ended a few years back as I implemented some of the more holistic and energetic approaches and I have not been sick - except for Covid.
But today I feel like my lungs have totally been scrubbed clean and my chest feels very light and simply AMAZING!!. I feel like I can truly Breathe!!! I don’t even have the words to be able to describe what I’m talking about but I know people who have been using the hydrogen gas probably understand and can relate to what I’m saying. I know many people who have been using this system for a lot longer than I have and I am optimistic on reaching to the next level of healing the system offers my body.

How to Combine Ozone and Hydrogen Therapies?

I have been searching for ways to combine the various different systems that I have - Ozone, Hydrogen, Light Therapies ( FarInfrared Light etc) and was unable to find anyone really talking about it because it seem like completely different systems. I wanted to be able to utilize these systems that have made such an impact in my life as well as my family members.
When I found Tyler LeBaron‘s video from DRS. Ozone -I was belated. Tyler explains things so well and I was so happy to have found his video.

I understand that hydrogen is the smallest molecule on the periodic table and goes through everything including blood and brain barriers. It acts as a "Neutralizing Agent" and allows the body to be able to detox through healing. At least this is my understanding and belief so far. I know that everything in this world cannot be explained easily, they don’t even know how electricity really works,  they just know that it works.

It is the same thing with ozone and hydrogen therapies. They don’t quite understand their process or how they work but they can see the effects it causes in people. So in some aspect I guess it takes a lot of trust in the system and your intention at it on top of everything else. Of course you can also add in the whole placebo effect on top of it which I think also helps and power whatever you decide to put in your body and life.  
So below are just my opinions and my visions of what it does and what I have experienced. This is in no way shape or form any kind of medical advice!

Like many of you out there who are searching for answers on your own because the medical industry doesn’t really have answers but only ways to deal with the symptoms through chemical medication‘s or surgeries.

I lost a lot of respect for doctors after a few different incidents that I have had the last 15 years. Had I listened to them, I would not be here writing about this now. I now lean more towards MDs who are also functional medicine doctors.
This has forced me to become more in touch with my own body and understand how I can connect and heal at different energetic levels versus expecting someone else outside to know my body better than I do.

So in my opinion Ozone is an oxidizer and it is very reactive and the way I envision ozone is that it oxidizes which means it kills or reacts!! Obviously cancer does not like oxygenated cells so it is easy to see how it can help create an oxygenated tissue where it has been anaerobic from lack of movement or tissue damage or energy blockage. Same is true for other illnesses where there’s definite energy blockages and I think oxygen is sort of like a FUEL or push pump to get things moving again. It gives our bodies the fuel that it probably hasn’t had in those specific areas for a while and adding fuel to those cells to be able to clear out damaged or ineffective cells is the process I envision.

Hydrogen on the other hand seems to create more of a healing pathway by attaching to radicals so that your body can effectively detox it out of your system. I see it as more healing to the tissues. Again this is just my vision through what I have visualize & feel when I connect spiritually through these processes.

I have been looking for ways to be able to effectively combine these 2 processes and even add in the light therapy to the mix! Of course at anytime, I am doing multiple different modalities and dipping into various healing modalities on top of these as well. 

The video above talks about how to  synergisticly combine these theraphies so yu can benefit the best way possible!
A way to allow your body to get ready to be able to detox from the killing  the ozone creates, and where hydrogen can attach to those free radicals and allow your body to effectively get it out of your body.

I will be utilizing light therapy along with all of these which I believe is a huge factor in our healing. I hope that you guys will find the video as interesting as I did if you’re looking for a way to effectively combine them.

 In the video he talks about the following:

  1.    Hydrogen Minimum 3 hrs before the ozone therapy 
  2.    Inlcude the Gas and the Hydrogen water because they both do and go through different channels.
  3. In some cases you could get your body ready by doing it a few days ahead of time as well.

I personally see myself doing the "Sandwich" of hydrogen then Ozone followed up with Hydrogen.
As I go through the process myself I will post my results so others can also share their experiences.

I hope for all of us that we could find ways to connect to our bodies in ways to be able to heal the most effective way possible.

I hope you to discover the best way to improve your health!!

Love and Blessings..