How To Filter Blue Light on Mobile Devices

We use our mobile devices for several hours. This causes digital eyestrain because electronic device screens emit blue light.

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is part of the visible light spectrum. The visible spectrum contains blue, orange, green, yellow, and red light rays. Red, yellow, and green light rays have long wavelengths. They have less energy than blue and violet rays.TT

The electromagnetic rays on the blue end of the spectrum have short wavelengths. This means they have more energy than infrared lights.

Blue light is a high-energy visible (HEV) light. It is a high-frequency light in the blue/violet band on the visible spectrum. It has been known that it can damage the retina. It can also cause age-related muscular degeneration (AMD) and digital eye strain.

The screens of digital devices and personal computers emit short-wave blue light. This can contribute to various health problems.

Few things you should know about EMF radiation (blue light) and how it affects your eyes.

Blue light is emitted from the sun, but also from electronic device screens such as our computer display screens, tablets, and mobile phones. The issue with blue light in technology is the amount of exposure we receive and how close we hold our gadgets to our faces. Many healthcare professionals are concerned about the potential long-term effects of blue light exposure. Blue light can cause eye strain, and even contribute to macular degeneration. Our eyes aren't that great at blocking blue light, but there are some things we can do to shield ourselves!

  •  This study have shown that blue light penetrates all the way to the retina and damages light - sensetive cells.
  • In 2001, German scientists found a link between cell phone radiation and eye cancer. The study investigated a form of eye cancer called uveal melanoma, in which tumours form in the layer that makes up the iris and base of the retina. The research suggests there is a threefold increase in eye cancers among people who regularly use the devices. ("Scientists Link Eye Cancer to Mobile Phones")
  •  A group of Israeli researchers found a link between microwave radiation and the development of cataracts. The study shows that prolonged exposure to microwave radiation similar to that used by cellular phones can lead to both macroscopic and microscopic damage to the lens and that at least part of this damage seems to accumulate over time and does not seem to heal. ("Cell Phone Radiation May Cause Visual Damage")

How To Protect Your Eyes From The Blue Light of Your Phone

Blue Light Filter Setting on Mobile Phones

Did you know there is a blue light blocker setting on your mobile phone. The blue light filter setting on your mobile phone decreases the amount of blue light displayed on the screen of the phone.  We’ll show you how to turn blue light filters on and off for a variety of Android phones and for Apple’s iPhone in this guide.

You can  change the settings on newer Android phones to block blue light.

1) Go to your phone Settings and select "Display"

2) TOGGLE the Switch andbChoose "ON" for Blue Light Filter Option. 

3) ADJUST the Opacity. Here you can change the amount of filtering as well as schedule the filter, or set it to on all the time or certain time of the day.

How to Use Night Shift on Your iPhone

Apple products, called night shift. Access this tool by following the instructions below. This feature can be great to use for night time phone usage, or even just throughout the day.

1) Pull up your menu. Press and hold the brightness option.

2) Select "Night Shift Off"

3) Here you can schedule your Night Shift timing and change the warmness of the screen.

4) Here's what your blue blocking screen will show on the most warm setting.

How to Filter Blue Light in Samsung Galaxy

The majority of Samsung Galaxy phones have a blue light filter option now. The fastest way to turn it on is to pull down your notification shade and swipe down again to access your quick settings. One of them is called Blue light filter and you can tap to toggle it on and off.

You can tweak the opacity with a slider and you can also tap Turn on as scheduled and then pick Sunset to sunrise or Custom schedule if you want to specify your own preferred hours.

How to Choose Night Light on Your Pixel Phone

On Google’s Pixel phones and some other stock Android devices running Android 8.0 Oreo and later you can find a blue light filter option here:

  • Settings > Display > Night Light

Tap on Schedule to specify your own hours and change the level of filtering with the Intensity slider.

How to Filter Blue Lights on Other Android Phones

Different manufacturers have coined different names for their blue light filters, but the majority have one. You’ll generally find a quick setting option in your notification shade and scheduling options in Settings > Display.

LG calls it Comfort View, HTC and OnePlus call it Night Mode, Huawei calls it Eye Care, Motorola calls it Night Display, and Xiaomi calls it Reading mode.

What if your phone doesn't have a blue light filter built-in feature? 

Blue Light Filter Mobile App

If your mobile phone doesn't have a blue light filter then don't worry, there are blue light filter app you can download in the Iphone App store or Google Play

Here is a blue light filter app we like :

You can use Anti Blue Light Glass Screens Protector On Your Mobile Phones

Anti-blue light tempered glass screen protector is a development of screen protector for preventing the harm of the blue-ray. It is mainly effectively block the blue-ray through the absorption of blue light and transformation. It can prevent ocular damage, visual fatigue, blurred vision and glare caused by 380nm to 420nm high-energy short-wave blue light. It can protect your skin and prevent dry skin,Chloasma, and freckle caused by ultraviolet reflection.

Recommendations on EMF and Protection :

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