EMF: Cell Towers at Fairfax County Schools

My husband and I were part of passionate parents concerned over cell tower at Crossfield Elementary school in Herndon VA.  I know other parents have concerns over cell phones and potential impacts.  Of course, the DESIRE for faster and better Technology seems to pass the impacts on Health. I am  concerned over the Health risks for our little ones and I don't see how this need for more power will beat out the health issues until there are major health cases - even after that - they will require PROOF that it was due to the radiation from the towers and not from something else... and good luck trying to provide it!

Check out this video on Cell Tower Radiation video here: Check out my previous post on EMF and my growing mindmap here:

Here is the list as of 2019 of  the 28 Fairfax County Public Schools that host 34 monopoles - cell towers

Existing Cell Towers at Fairfax County Schools

High/Secondary Schools

  1. Annandale High
  2. Bryant Alternative High
  3. Centreville High (2 Monopoles)
  4. Chantilly High (2 Monopoles)
  5. Edison High
  6. Hayfield Secondary
  7. Lake Braddock Secondary
  8. Langley High (3 Monopoles)
  9. Lee High
  10. Madison High
  11. McLean High
  12. Oakton High
  13. Robinson Secondary
  14. South County High
  15. South Lakes High (2 Monopoles)
  16. Stuart High
  17. Thomas Jefferson HSST (2 Monopoles)

Middle Schools

  1. Carson Middle
  2. Herndon Middle
  3. Irving Middle
  4. Kilmer Middle
  5. Stone Middle
  6. Thoreau Middle
  7. Twain Middle

Elementary Schools

  1. Westgate Elementary

Administrative Centers

  1. Graham Road Community Building
  2. Lorton Center
  3. Woodson Yard

Our 2016 Battle to Prevent Cell Towers at Crossfield Elementary School

My son, Ace, is in this video along with his classmates.

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  • Lynn says:

    Hi Ayda! I saw your blog post. We are currently fighting an application for a 124 ft tower on Stringfellow Rd at the back of the park and ride. It is 200 feet from the single family houses. It just went before the planning commission and they approved it. Our HOA is fighting it. Do you have any suggestions for us? Thank you.

  • Ayda Walsh says:

    Hi Lynn.
    We had a very passionate group of people, including a parent/attorney that helped along with a lot of parents. Unfortunately, as you can see from the progression, these cell towers are being approved at almost every school and various different locations. The same issue will arise with the 5G antennas that are going to be implemented every few light posts and on buildings and we won’t have any way to fight that because the streets are not owned or managed by the communities.
    You can protest if you can get enough people and join in on the fight but unless you can get someone to listen to… it is very hard to do. The board is already passing things which I am so upset about and the reason we are pulling my son out of school to be home-schooled. The radiation ranges are so high in some of the schools and people wonder why we have so many issues with the younger generation – not to mention they tend to carry their phones on their bodies most of the time. 🙁 It won’t be until we get clusters of cancers and issues that they will decide to look at correlations but even after that.. I don’t know.

    My suggestion would be to understand what type of tower and how many antennas, how many levels, layers and years the agreement is for.
    Secondly – Get as many people as you can from your HOA to outline the reasons why you don’t want this post in that location. I don’t know if there are any EMF sensitive people ? There are lot of research you can download to help you present the dangers of the radiation and the reasons you don’t want it in your neighborhood. It comes down to education but it seems they don’t care about the dangers of it and it gets very hard to prove that the issues area direct result of cell towers in your backyard. The communication companies have a lot of lawyers and ways they discredit other research and who their biased and altered research.
    I would also reach out to some of the EMF groups and see if the attorneys and groups can provide you with additional info. You can reach out to me directly if you would like to get together and chat. I am very close to your community. I can discuss more in person and if there is anything else I can do to help, I am here.
    Check out my resources for some research and references – The documentary is a good one as well. Maybe show your HOA members some of the info so they can understand what will be radiating close to their homes and what they can do. https://ayda.net/emf

  • Ayda Walsh says:

    Some resources for you to check out. I can explain more of these in person if you would like. Just let me know

  • Lynne says:

    Hi Ayda! Thank you so much for replying to my post. I am only seeing that you replied for the first time today! I would love to meet up. Are you on FB? I could PM you or send me an email.

  • Ayda Walsh says:

    Hi Lynn,
    There are lots of resources now. Specific ones are the report and also there are groups that are helping with these. I am sorry I saw this late but if you need additional info, please contact me. I will be checking it more frequently

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