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I loved Transparent corp's products for creating Brainwave Entrainment sessions for my NLP,  Hypnosis and Coaching clients (and of course myself and my family). Since they decided to close the doors to the business and start a more profitable company, a lot of us were left on our own with no way to utilize the software on newer versions of Windows. We are left to find a new solution. Though I loved the 3D sound effect it had and the ease of use of the Neuroprogrammer, BWS  and others they offered, there are some other products available for those who want to "Tweak" the frequencies to optimize their hypnosis, meditation sessions. 

Here's a list I am looking at :

I will post more as we make new sessions with one or more of these but I am pretty disappointed that there is not a solution that was so intuitive, easy to use and effective as NeuroProgrammer with Light strobe integration, 3D sound as well as Emotive and other BioFeedback system integrations! 

Some cool links

Have you found any alternatives? Let me know in the comments!

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