Selfbuild : He Transform 6 Containers into a Luxury Home

TITAN’S WORK – No, the container is not a rough and minimalist habitat, it can also become the material to build a practical and comfortable house.
These Bretons are crazy! By the strength of his arms alone, Killian Chastel built his house from six old containers. The photo of the before and after gives a good overview of the colossal work that had to be accomplished to arrive at this imposing house of 140 m², located in the Côtes d'Armor.

The site demanded a year and a half of labor from Killian, who also works in the building as a carpenter and a welder.
After his first day at work, Killian started a second one, from 7 p.m. to midnight or one in the morning. He also spent his holidays and weekends there, and "a few sleepless nights towards the end of the project". In short, "we have no life during this time, he admits. The only activity that we allowed ourselves with my wife is to pick up old furniture in flea markets on Sundays, like shutter doors that we put upstairs. "


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