How Intermittent Fasting benefits Alzheimers and Epileptic people

Fasting is a long lost tradition that has been on every religion! It is not scientificatlly being studied and in the video below Mark Mattson, who  is the current Chief of the Laboratory of Neurosciences at the National Institute on Aging and a professor of Neuroscience at The Johns Hopkins University, talks about how Intermittent fasting is used to Boost Brain Power!

Mattson is one of the foremost researchers in the area of cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. He talks about various things and shows some great info in just 12 minutes! 

In the video, he explains about the chemical reactions that happen when the body experiences "Stress" but this stress is good stress. Great detail and graphics on what happens when this occurs and how it benefits the brain. He also talks about the Epileptic Seizures and how they used to treat the people by putting them in a room - in an essence - forcing them to fast so the "daemons" would leave the body. It is interesting how these things were discovered.  But now we have science looking into the details and proving the benefits of centuries old recommendations!  

Fasting And Alzheimers

He also talks about the BARRIERS - why don't people know more about it? Think about how this effect the FOOD and DRUG  INDUSTRY?  We are being fed junk food with little to no nutritional value, causing our bodies to constantly work without any break - we are told to SNACK even when we are not hungry and all of this leads to a system that is backed up and constantly working. No Break - No time to heal, No time to recover, No time to re-fuel.  Imaging if you had a pipe and you kept showing things down it - eventually it will get clogged. This is the same concept. We are "brainwashed by marketing" to constantly eat, eat bad foods, eat constantly, eat addicting foods, then limit movement and exercise because now we have cars, scooters that wheel us around , sit on the couch, sit at work, drive everywhere and we don't ground ourselves, we are under Fake lights that do not offer the full spectrum, we stare at blue screens on TV, Monitors and LED lights - even our timers and blinking flashes are blue based. We sit in traffic inhaling all the smog and exhaust as we shove Coffee down -first thing in the morning which is a diuretic - so we start to suck all the water - which is the one thing that can help us flush overnight cleanses and improve electrical circuitry, nourish our organs but most of us drink more and more coffee - load it with sugar, sweeteners or dairy/cream. Then we have EMF's in every corner - our body is exposed to radiation in alarming rates -yet we think it is cool and hip to have everything in our home emitting EMFs. We now even put it on our bodies and wonder why we have infertility issues, headaches and chronic issues rising at alarming rates. 

 But those are just my observations and disappointments with even myself as I did find myself doing the same things. After all we are creatures of habit and what we see, we repeat! Our Subconscious takes in the behaviors of our environment and thinks it is what is needed to fit in. So if you are around people who are always drinking and stressed - guess what - your subsconscious will kick in, learn and accept the behavior. Then we "RESONATE" with the "ENERGY" we swim in - and if this is stressful- even if you are not aware, you will resonate with it.  

You have the power to change things. You can take control of  your life, your emotions, your destiny. it all starts with the belief - believe that it is possible, believe that you are worth it and that you HAVE THE POWER. Prove it o yourself by doing simple and easy things to start to take your mind back. Limit TV and ad exposure, Quiet your mind to listen to your body, environment and the universe. Spend time in the sun, ground with the earth. We have access to unseen powers yet we are made to believe we are powerless. You have the power to change your mind, your health and your future. I hope this was a message you were seeking. I hope this hit a cord with you. If i can help in any way, drop me a line! We need to support each other and help each other to pull out of this kind of belief system and create one that is prosperous, loving and supportive!


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