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Best Illusions

Reality of Optical Illusion

It is hard for us to realize that our minds work in mysterious ways. Some can’t comprehend the fact that we may see the same thing differently.  But there is a contest that focuses on the best illusion – The annual illusion contest is run by the Neural Correlate Society, an organization devoted to promoting

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phases of water

Water has memory and multiple properties we are still discovering but the ancients knew

Prof. Dr, Luc Montagnier picks up where  Jacques Benveniste left off – taking over his staff and research – proves he was RIGHT! This explains how potentially Homeopathic remedies work… This is an awesome documentary! Fascinating to see yet another scientist outcast and shun because he has discovered something that would explain homeopathy AND also turn

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Circuit Energy Flow 2

Electricity and Energy Flow – Energy does not flow in wires- The Great Misconception

Did you Know Energy Does NOT flow in WIRES! Did you know that people don’t understand how electricity really works exactly! Like most things in Science these days – there are theories about how things work because we currently have no way of measuring or SEEING the level of energy and energetic fields everything around

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2022 Meetup Survey

2022 -Survey for our meetings is available

Hello everyone,   2022 Survey is up and waiting for input! Please spend a few minutes outlining what topics we would like to cover this year as part of our Meetup groups in VA, FL and DE.  I will be traveling in these states as well as offering remote “Zoom” access to the topics.  We will

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Homeopathy-Mystery of Healing

This is a small clip of the homeopathic documentary that you can find on amazon Prime. There are actually 2 different documentaries that I highly recommend. you watch. You may need to rent them but they are well worth the investment and your time. It will leave you having a new perspective on medicine and

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