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Pain – the journey continues

When you have someone you love in pain and modern medicine doesn’t seem to have any solutions other than pain killers – where do you go?  I learned the hard way how pain can impact your life. I have had a few challenges with pain where it lead to me to learn about different things. But

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11-11-2022 Portal!

11-11-2022 – Ritual

Today is 11/11/2022. For those who follow numerology – this day is a great numerology Portal day . The last time we had triple digit number was the year 1999.       We just had the lunar eclipse – during the election day. Highly charged and emotional time for many. I don’t know if many

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Whole movement – folding circles – sacred geometry

While looking through pages, i found this very cool artist who creates amazing art folding paper plates!! Author/sculptor Bradford Hansen-Smith http://wholemovement.com explores information stored in a flattened sphere (circle). Based on techniques introduced to him by Buckminster Fuller, Hansen-Smith carries on a traditional of folding/observing/reflecting begun by Friedrich Froebel. Froebel’s colleague Eleanore Heerwart brought these techniques to

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Best Illusions

Reality of Optical Illusion

It is hard for us to realize that our minds work in mysterious ways. Some can’t comprehend the fact that we may see the same thing differently.  But there is a contest that focuses on the best illusion – The annual illusion contest is run by the Neural Correlate Society, an organization devoted to promoting

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phases of water

Water has memory and multiple properties we are still discovering but the ancients knew

Prof. Dr, Luc Montagnier picks up where  Jacques Benveniste left off – taking over his staff and research – proves he was RIGHT! This explains how potentially Homeopathic remedies work… This is an awesome documentary! Fascinating to see yet another scientist outcast and shun because he has discovered something that would explain homeopathy AND also turn

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