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3 Finger mummy found in Nazca?

My daughter and I took a month long trip to Peru in May 2019. Nazca lines were one of the stops we experienced. It was not too eventful as we didn’t have the time to take the airplane so we can see all the different designs from a different perspective. We did climb the towers

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Spiritual Experiences

Spiritual Experiences and how it changes you

Spiritual experiences are unique to each person but they all do the same thing – they unlock the gateway and have you experience a new way of being, your perception changes, your energy shifts and you start to vibrate and think differently! It may cause you to lose a few friends and attract new things in your life. Create each day and ask for signs – ask to notice those signs – so you notice each day how loved you are and how the universe is listening to your wants, desires, manifestations whether they are conscious or unconscious! Look at what you have manifested in your life – this is your manifestation – you can change at any time! Chose to do it now – take control of your life!

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Airport Pass Options for National and International travel

Airport Security Passes and Options To Understand

Airport Security PassesIf you are tired of standing in long lines at security and customs- you should check out a few options that can speed you through checkpoints.   These are for travel in 2020+ ​ See details for each one as well as links below.  TSA PRE GLOBAL ENTRY MOBILE PASSPORT APP CLEAR TYPE / PASSESDETAILSHOW TO

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