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Meetup Session: Introduction to Mysterious & Powerful Invisible Energies

Greetings,I hope this message finds you well. My recent journey has taken me through the vibrant landscapes of 7 diverse countries, each brimming with its unique adventures and experiences. Along the way, I’ve expanded my horizons, deepened my knowledge, and acquired new skills in the realm of Bio-Energetics from Acmos to the Lecher antenna, Bio-well

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Calculate Fill Dirt

In my recent “Home Renovation” projects, our extra large pool started to cave in after we drained it. It had issues before so this was no surprise but a little later would have worked a bit better but…  With this project, I am learning a lot about type of dirt, different measurements and costs associated!! I

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According to AI – Government spying on citizens – illegally, coordinating with tech companies- Why?

Just out of curiosity, I decided to ask Chat GPT about Government and spying on it’s citizens then I asked about illegal Spying.. see the answers belowWhy does government spy on its citizens? The reasons why governments may engage in surveillance or intelligence gathering on their citizens can vary depending on the country, its political

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Documentaries – United States of Secrets-Must Watch

With so little trust in our government, these documentaries from 2013 and 2014 show the corruption and LIES from President Bush and President Obama – Blatant lies!
It is sad that government is also now partnered with Tech companies for monitoring and CENSORING!
What Snowden did for US!
What will the documentaries look like 10 years from now? Will we even be able to have documentaries with the CONTROL and CENSORSHIP..
Enjoy while it is still up!

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One Pathway To All Chronic Disease – Dr. Joseph McClendon III And Dr. Jerry Tennant

I wanted to share this podcast with those who are interested in learning more about Dr. Tennant’s Approach to bringing balance to our bodies.  One Pathway To All Chronic Disease- full episode In case you missed it, Dr. Tennant was a guest on Dr. Joseph McClendon III’s podcast! You can watch the full episode right here.From Dr. McClendon III: Did you

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LIME PLASTER- Benefits and Features for healthy home building, renovation and natural home building – that’s been Time-tested for 1000’s of years!

As our world evolves, our need for ancient building technologies should be looked at a lot more closely. These buildings have lasted centuries and are made of materials that are bio-degradable What is Lime?What is Lime Plaster? How is Lime Plaster made?What are the features of Lime Plaster?What can they be used for?What you should know about

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