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Uri Geller Documentary

Tonight I watched a documentary on Uri Geller  with my son who is a well known Mentalist who is well known for his SPOON BENDING shows. This documentary talks about what he has done as well as his involvement with various different Governments and projects. Read below on his Legacy series on Gaia 🙂  The

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Government getting into real estate ownership – is it the start? Fairfax County could turn millions of dollars in vacant land into affordable housing…

There are news of Government entering into the Real Estate business and take a chunk of the rental and housing markets. Whether you believe in the Government entering into the real estate and especially “Housing markets” or not, there are discussions happening and plans being drawn. If you are an investor or even a home

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Great Change is Coming

A wonderful video – Big Change is coming – Mother Earth will cleanse itself and teach us all a lesson. Learn how to connect with Mother Earth. Connect with her energies and Father Sun – and Water and Wind!!   You can purchase the Floyd Red Crow Westerman’s Documentary DVD hereFor more info visit here:  https://floydredcrowwesterman.com

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